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Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor

  • Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor

Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor

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  • Model: HB-T205
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HB-T205 Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor
Used for drawing room,stair,lobby etc
1.Solar energy weakness light such as natural light, LED light charging design, no need of external power line, the design life is 10 years.
2.Standby current is as small as μA stage.
3.Strong anti-interference capability for disturbances of electromagnetic, strong light, small pets , low false alarm rate;
4. Sensitivity of sensor is adjustable, automatic temperature compensation;
5. Streamlined design, flexible and convenient installation, can be installed on wall, ceiling and etc.
6. Work with FM + FH signal , no need of external signal line
7. Use FM + FH signal , solve problem of the wireless signal is easy to be interference and wrong collection false alarm.
8. Has the function of fault self check, and report the fault to the host.

Solar panels: 5V
Emergency power supply: one 3.6V lithium battery
Alarm current: ≤60mA
Standby current: ≤40μA
detecting angle: 100°
Detecting distance:≥8m
Wireless transmitting distance: ≥700m
transmitting time:5s
work environment temperature range:-10~+55℃
wireless transmitting frequency :433Mhz FH
environment temperature range: -25~+65℃