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  • Driveway Intrusion Alert Security System Solar Beams Detection

    Outdoor Siren strobe for alert of driveway intrusion detection system.The package is used for house or business perimeter security. It is newest technology wireless solar powered beams system and solar-powered siren strobe. Leading package incl

    Driveway Intrusion Alert Security System Solar Beams Detection
  • Balcony, window protection Wired curtain PIR with MW detector

    It is designed for door, window or balcony area protection. Functions and Specification:1.It adopts 2 groups dual PIR and MW technology. 2.Sealed design for weather proof features. 3.Pet immunity for maximum 25kgs and strong interference resi

    Balcony, window protection Wired curtain PIR with MW detector
  • Fire Alarm System encoder for Writing /Reading Address code

    FT900 Coder is a portable device for writing /reading address code of all intelligent terminals our company produces, it’s a basic tool in the processes of device installing, debugging and servicing.Features1.Small size, shockproof and portable

    Fire Alarm System encoder for Writing /Reading Address code
  • Conventional Reflected Beam Smoke Detection

    Unlike traditional detection systems, Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors were designed for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings.Their innovative features make them popular choices for spaces like warehouses, atriums, arenas, and churches. Wi

    Conventional Reflected Beam Smoke Detection

Wireless Intrusion Detection

Wireless Intrusion Detection can work with same manufacturer wireless alarm receiver. 433MHz or 868Mhz RF wireless alarm communication with encrypted code. General wireless communication is 100-300m.
Model Product Image Item Name Price+
Wireless Door or window magnetism switch

It is used to protect door or window. I...

Wireless door magnetic contact MD-210R meian tech alarm

Functions and Specification: 1.Adopt sp...

Wireless Vibration Detector and glass break Sensor

Compatible with Focus brand wireless al...

Ceiling mounted wireless PIR detector

It is suitable for installation of livi...

Wireless Passive Infrared Sensor pet immunity 6kgs

Digital signal processing low power ale...

Curtain PIR Wireless intrusion detector

It is with direction identification cur...

Min:  2
MC-760R PIR intrusion Detector with look down window

Focus brand Wireless alarm system senso...

Wireless magnetic contact Focus Security Alarm MD-215R

MD-215R Wireless magnetic contact FOCUS...

MC-335R (DMT)
Wireless Indoor PIR Detector pet immunity

Intrusion detection system Focus brand ...

Wireless rolling shutter garage door magnetic contact

MD-212R meian tech FOCUS wireless rolli...

Wireless Ceiling mounted PIR

Dual PIR 360°Detection intrusion senso...

Wireless curtain passive infrared detector

Functions and Specification: 1.It adopt...

Wireless Glass Break Detector Focus Brand alarm control panel

Home Security System Glass break detect...

Wireless PIR Intrusion Detector with PET immunity function

With look down window to avoid blind-co...

solarpowered wireless ceilingmount pir detector hbt305

Ceiling mounted soar power PIR sensor S...


Featured Products - Intruder Detection Systems

Focus Wireless Siren with sound and flash light

MD-214R used with focus alarm panel or ...

3-beams Detector solar-powered LCD calibrator security service

Wireless beams detector updated with LC...

$85.00  $78.00
Focus Solar powered Wireless 2-way Flash and siren

Audio and video Warning device MD-324R ...

$58.00  $54.50
2-wire Smoke and Heat Detector Conventional Fire alarm system

Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatib...

Break Beam System Solar Powered Wireless Security System

Intrusion Detector Perimeter Security B...



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