Fire Fighting Panel


The design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems will help save lives and protect property and the environment. The system will detect a fire inside or outside a structure as early as possible and give building occupants early warning of fire. So it gives more chance of reducing human and material losses.
In order to work well, a fire detection and alarm system must be installed and maintained correctly by experienced personnel.

Fire Fighting Panel
Conventional Fire Fighting Panel CM1004

CM1004 is new type conventional fire alarm control panel with gas extinguisher component. It is used on smaller projects such as small schools, stores, restaurants, and apartments where flammable gas maybe produced as well. CM1004 is capable of using solenoids and extract fan and igniting actuator to fight fire. It has manual release switch and automatic release switch for fire fighting. All of the 4 detection zones or any of which are capable of contributing to the extinguisher release decision.
It is with gas leakage pressure detection switch and extinguishing released upon pressure switch operated. There are relay contacts of fault relay, fire relay, 1st stage alarm, 2nd stage alarm, extract relay.
Under test condition, it is allowed to automatic resetting of zones in alarm for testing purposes with requirement of EN54-2 section 10.
In addition to the requirements of EN54-2, all control panels have voltage free relay contacts for fire and local fire which operate upon a fire condition.
Activation of alarm devices are with different sounds signals to indicate pre-discharge and released warning.
CM1004 is new technology fire alarm system meets new fire alarm requirement. It allows a remote source to sound the alarms with class chnage facility. The fire alarm panel can connect to repeater with 4-wire connection with RS485 data carring.

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