Properly using combustible gas

Safely using Ignitable Gas in winter

Winter is the ignitable gas safety accident prone season. According to fire departments’ statistic, the ignitable gas safety accident largely increased in winter due to improperly using and dealing with the gas equipment. Below is some tips to avoid the winter gas safety accidents.

Properly using combustible gas
Gas leakage treating

Please be noted to open doors or windows for air flowing when using ignitable gas stove for heating. A large amount of air is required for ignitable gas burning. If there is no enough air, the burning is not completely and it may produce carbon monoxide (CO). Remaining ignitable gas is collected in the air as well. When the CO reaches to a defined amount, people is poisoned. When remaining ignitable gas reaches to a defined amount, telephone dialing on spot, turning on/off light or other appliance may lead to explosion.

Safely using ignitable gas is important to avoid gas explosion, gas fire or CO poisoning. Besides of opening doors, windows when using ignitable gas, there are some matters to note. Please make sure to turn off the gas source and stove when finishing using ignitable gas. Please do not place the stove near the windows or at windshield location. Do not put combustible material on the stove or near the stove. The stove can not be used as heating equipment at bedroom or living room in winter. Please watch out the stove when cooking food or boiling water on it. Please clean the stove and regularly check the gas source tube. The gas tube between the stove to bottled gas Pressure reducing valve should be less than 2 meters.

Safety stove is suggested to use. The safety stove is with gas extinguisher. When the fire is blowed off by wind or extinguished by boiled water, the stove can automatically shut off the gas source.

Safely using ignitable gas
safety stove fire extinguisher

There are some other gas safety equipment to help avoiding gas safety accident. For example gas detector with solenoid valve. There are two components of this gas safety kit, one is gas detector and another is gas source shut off electronic valve. The security kit can be installed in kitchen, hotel etc. where ignitable gas is used for cooking or heating. Gas detector will sense specified ignitable gas including natural gas (methane gas), town gas, and bottled gas (propane gas), coal gas. When the gas leakage sensed reached to defined amount, the detector will trigger the valve to shut off the gas source.

Improperly using and treating ignitable gas may cause serious disaster. We should know the gas using know-how and strickly comply with the rules published by fire department and combustible gas supplier.


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