Install intruder detector

Intruder detector and other types security sensors are the most important part of security systems.

There are various types intruder detectors for different environment application. They are outdoor detectors, curtain style detector, embedded curtain style detector, ceiling mounting detector, wall mounting detector, door and windows detector and photoelectric beam detectors etc.

intruder types


Why are there so many types detector and what is the difference? For accurately sensing the motion of intrusion and anti-resistance of environment interference, different types detector is required.

To maximum use the function of the detector designed and reduce false alarm or missed alarm, correctly choose and install the infrared detector is required.

  1. Choose the most suitable detector for the required functions and environment.
  2. Choose the detector for suitable installation way.
  3. Choose the detector for suitable detection area.
  4. Choose the detector for suitable installation height and location.
  5. Correctly install the detector according to user’s manual.


detectors functionsintruder detector










Detection Area and alarm zone setting

Protection area protection object detector type alarm zone and setting
Periphery entry gate curtain PIR, door contact delay zone,give leaving time

after system armed

Bathroom, kitchen windows grating, window contact instant zone, set according

to environment and activity

Balcony door grating, two-direction curtain PIR instant zone, trigger alarm


Other windows periphery curtain PIR, grating instant alarm zone,member

activity will not alarm at

home arm status

indoor living room space PIR, ceiling PIR home arm status not trigger

alarm, away arm status will

trigger alarm as instant alarm

Emergency Master bedroom,living room emergency button 24 hours zone, for home robbery

and illness security

safety kitchen, living room gas leakage detector, smoke alarm 24 hours zone,sense gas


and smoke



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