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Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance and trouble shooting

Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance Schedule

The User should regularly test and mainten the fire alarm system. The BS5839-P1 makes the following recommendations.

Daily Check of fire alarm system

  1. Check that the panel indicates normal operation. If not,record any fault indications in the history log and report to the responsible person.
  2. Check that any fault records from the previous day has received attention.

Monthly Check of fire alarm system

  1. Operate at least one manual call point or detector [different device each month] to ensure the system operating
  2. Check the alarmwarning devices have operated and then reset the panel. 3. Any defect should be reported and recorded in the log book.
  3. Action should be taken to correct the defect.

Quarterly Check of fire alarm system

  1. Check entries in the log book and take any necessary action.
  2. Inspect the batteries and their connections.
  3. Operate at least one manual call point or detector [different device each zone] to ensure the system operating
  4. Check all the alarm warning devices have operated and then reset the panel.
  5. Check that all function of the control panel operates by simulating fault conditions.
  6. Visually check that structure alternation against any corrosion due to environmental effect.
  7. Any defect should be reported and recorded in the log book. Action should be taken to correct the defect.

Annually Check of fire alarm system

  1. Carry out an inspection as detail for this quarterly inspection.
  2. Every detector should be tested in the site.
  3. All cable fittings and equipment should be checked to ensure that they are secure and undamaged.

Fire Alarm Systems Trouble Shooting

  1. No indication on the panel or abnormal indication

Power is abnormal. Loose connection with switchboard.

Check and replace low voltage switch power. Check the connection to display board.

  1. Display “AC Fault” after power-up

No AC power.  Check and connect AC wire.

3. Display “Battery Fault” after power-up

Loose connection with battery. Battery discharged or damaged. Open the power box and check relative parts. Power up for more than eight hours with the AC power supply, if the fault still exists, replace the batteries.

4. Unable to register loop equipment

Bus wrong or loose connection. Check the loop

5. Some detectors can not be registered

Disconnect the bus line to the detector, measure the bus line voltage. If it is ok, then maybe the sensor and the base is not well connected. Or the detector coding is repeated or out of coding number. Re-code the detector.

6. The detector is registered but not trigger fault alarm when it is disconnected.

The detector address is bypassed. Or the fire alarm control panel is under fire alarm now. Or fire alarm control panel is fault

7.False alarm

The fire alarm control panel makes false alarm.

Reset the fire alarm control panel. If it can be reset, then the false alarm is made by accidental factors such as environment interference. If some detector triggers multiple times fault alarm, then the detector should be replaced or change the installation place. If it can not be reset, then there is problem with the detectors and connection.

8.Unable to register repeater panels

Wrong or loose connection of communication cables. Check power supply to repeaters and communication wires

9.Cannot print

Print mode is disabled. Loose connection with printer. Printer damaged Enable the print mode. Check and connect the printer well. Replace the printer.

10.Equipment fault

Equipment disconnected. Equipment damaged. Check connection. Replace equipment.

11. Loop fault

Loop is shorted. Loop is Interruption (The devices are re-established within 100s) Check the loop and repair.

12.Clock or memory fault.

External interference. Corresponding parts are aging. Check if the FACP is properly earthed. Inform our technical service

13.Some keys do not work

Check if the keyboard is locked.

14. No output from detection circuit

Remove the detection circuit, measure the outside line voltage and check whether or not it is short-circuited. If not, check bus driver board to make sure whether or not it is damaged.

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