Accurate Alarm Perimeter intrusion

Energy saving theft deterrent

The planting of thorny bushes and spiky plants works as primary security system in deterring unwelcome visitors.

The newest innovative theft deterrent for yard and garden defense is solar powered wireless IR deterrent.

This energy saving new technology device features in convenient installation,  maintenance and energy saving of solar powering for its whole life time (8-10 years).  It is widely used for both residential and commercial security with single pair or multiple pairs perimeter security.

The industry development brings us much convenience. But it induced pollution on the earth and consume a lot of energy.  For long time development reason, we need products which are durable use life, low energy consumption, environment friendly.

Solar power technology is used in more and more products. The wireless IR beams is developed over wired IR beams by using solar power technology. The wireless transmitting technology is developed by using multiple frequency and jump frequency emitting to avoid same frequency interference.  Without wire connection, the IR beams is with high ability of preventing lightning.

theft deterrent solar beams detector
Smart theft deterrent solar perimeter beams

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