gas leakage control

Combustible gas leakage disposing

Natural gas, LPG is used for home cooking, heating. But the gas is with dangers if it is not used properly. So, people should know how to use the gas source correctly. A gas detector is not enough for home gas security. A connected solenoid valve is better for gas source leakage shut off.
What should we do if gas leakage is detected? The fire fighting person said:”When we are at gas leakage spot, we even dare not kick the door or knock, smash with a metal tool. Because that may produce spark and detonate gas.” We should remember what we must not do at gas leakage spot.
gas leakage control
1.No fire is allowed, no smoking, no lighter. Otherwise the leakage gas make be detonated.
2.No turning on/off of house appliance. Because that may produce spark and detonate gas.
3.Do not dial telephone at gas leakage spot. Because that may produce spark and detonate gas.
What should we do then when we find gas leakage?
1.Shut off gas source. Tighten the LPG bottle valve. Open the doors and windows for ventilation. Can use a broom to disperse gas leakage in air.
2.If the LPG bottle is with cracks, it should be gently moved to the outdoor ventilation place.
3.If large amount gas leakage is found, please leave the spot immediately. Cut off the power supply. Extinguish all fire. Go outdoor and call for help.
4.If gas leakage is found from neighbor home, please knock the door to notice it. Do not press the door bell.

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