alarm system fault

Alarm System Troubleshooting–Part 1 CMS

Alarm System is a security system consists of 3 parts alarm units. They are detectors, alarm control panel and CMS. We will share our working experience of alarm system troubleshooting categorized into 3 articles according to these 3 parts.
1. CMS machine can not receive all users’ alarm information.
Possible causes:
problems of telephone line network communication such as strong interference or loud noise on the telephone line, short or cut of the telephone line, the burglarproof switch on the telephone is turned on or telecommunications office network failure.
Problem of alarm control panel CMS communication programming error.
Problem of the CMS network such as serial port is shut off on the software, serial port connection error, serial port damage or PC fault.
Solutions: Check whether or not telephone line is cut or with short-circuit. Shut off burglarproof switch on the telephone. Confirm the alarm control panel CMS communication programming is correct including CMS telephone number, CMS communication grade, CMS communication format, user code, alarm report option. Turn on serial port on the CMS software, connect the serial wiring correctly, confirm the serial port is good. Check and confirm the PC can work properly. Check whether or not the CMS software is trial version and trial time is due from system log.

alarm system fault
alarm system trouble shooting

2. CMS machine can receive alarm information, but the alarm information can not pop-up.
Possible causes: user information does not exist on CMS software. Serial port is shut off or serial connection error, serial port damage.
Solutions: Add user information into the CMS software, turn on serial port and correctly connect the serial wiring, check and confirm the serial port is good.
3. CMS machine can receive alarm information, but can not report it to police center or forward to other department.
Possible causes: problems of telephone line network such as strong interference, cut or short-circuit of the telephone line or communication failure of the telecommunication office.
The forwarding telephone number is not correctly filled into the CMS software.
Solutions: Check and confirm telephone network is good and with good communication. Check and confirm the forwarding telephone number is correctly filled into the CMS software.

Conclusion: CMS for security service center includes software and hardware and it requires carefully programming and setting to ensure its proper work.

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