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New burglar alarm, access control and fire alarm equipment

Burglars fear detection alarm system. No police calling residential alarm urban neighborhood security system. DIY home security solution This wireless alarm security solution includes 1 exterior solar powered wireless burglars detector, high decible audio alarm with red flashing light, 2 key-fob to remote control the siren strobe. As pictures showed, this sales leading package includes 1 pc FC-89SR solar powered wireless exterior intruder detector, 1 pc MD-214R wireless siren strobe, 2 pcs key-fob to de-activate the siren strobe alarm. FT-89SR: Functions and Specification: 1.Wireless and wired compatible outdoor detector. 2.2 channels dual PIR and dual Microwave detection. 3.With strong resistance of anti-masking, anti-interference and suitable for harsh environment. 4.Self testing and low voltage test, status report. 5.Pet Immunity maximum 30kgs. 6.Detection distance:9m/12m/18m 7.Detection angle:30°/90°/120° 8.Alarm LED can be active or non-active, sensitivity can be adjusted. 9.IP65 environmental rating. 10.With tamper switch to avoid open or moving. 11.Frequency:433MHz 12.Transmitting distance:100~150m 13.Installation:Wall mounted 1.8m~2.4m height. MD-214R: Functions and Specification: 1.It can work with alarm panel and controlled by panel. It can work with wireless detectors or remote without panel. 2.It can code maximum 48 wireless equipments. 3.It is powered with adaptor and DC12V 500mA rechargeable battery 4.It is tamper-resistant to against moving or open. 5.It fit for to be installed in porch, window at home or store. 6.It can realize alarm and disalarm answer and react. 7.Power voltage:DC15V 8.Alarm Sound:110dB 9.Standby current:8mA 10.Alarm current:

3.0V Lithium battery is not rechargable battery. CR123A is high capacity and high safe lithium battery used for wireless alarm systems maintance. It has 10 years storage life. Specification: 1. Model: CR123A 2. Standard voltage: 3.0V 3. Ending voltage: 2.0V 4. Capacity: 1400mAh 5. Valid life: 10 years 6. Size: Φ17.0×34.5(mm) 7. Working temperature: -20℃-+70℃

MD-2105R Smoke Alarm is meian tech FOCUS brand professional home and business wireless security system. New style voice prompt for low battery wireless smoke alarm works with Focus brand wireless alarm panel and remotes. easy to install on ceiling or wall using the screws with countersink heads which had packed in the package. Features: 1.thermistor sensor / photoelectric infrared LED 2.smog sensitivity comply with UI 217 / 3.2%/feet 3.sent status signal every 15 seconds or 65 seconds emit radioactive element send signal when low power voltage or re-setting 6.built-in buzzer make once sound in each 2 hours when battery low voltage 7.self-testing indication: infrared LED turn on and then make 2 buzzer sound 8.alarm indication: infrared LED turn on and around 30 seonds buzzer sound at the same time 9.power input: 6VDC (CR123A 3.0V Lithium Battery x 2pcs) 10.static current is 20mA ~40mA/ alarm current is 20mA 11.alarm volume: 85dB at the distance of 10 feet 12.operating environment: -5C ~ +50C / humidity: 10% ~90% 13.wireless emitting frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz (for optional) 14.wireless emitting range is 100m (in open area) 15.dimension is Diameter 105mm / ivory white color

Conventional fire alarm repeater floor displayer The fire alarm repeater panel works with conventional fire alarm control panel via RS485 communication. It has 16 zones alarm and fault indication. It works by 24V power supply and with test button, reset button and mute button 1. Repeater Status Indication and button operation FIRE ALARM Status: When a fire alarm occurs, the corresponding zone red LED flashing and the internal buzzer sounds. When “MUTE/TEST” button pushed, the alarm zone LED lights steady and the buzzer silenced. When another new fire alarm occurs, the new zone red LED flash and the buzzer sound again. In the fire alarm status, the fire alarm “FIRE OUT” relay active and output “NO, NC, C” relay contacts. FAULT Status:When a fault event occurs, the corresponding zone’s yellow LED flashing and the internal buzzer sounds. When “MUTE/TEST” button pushed, the fault zone LED lights steady and the buzzer silenced. When another new fault event occurs, the new zone yellow LED flash and the buzzer sound again. In the fault alarm status, the fault alarm “FAULT OUT” relay active and output “NO, NC, C” relay contacts. Normal Status:When fire alarm panel’s fire or fault event restored, the fire alarm panel would send commands to let the repeater to the Normal Status. POWER LED: The “POWER” LED would keep light steady when the power supply in normal status. COMM LED: The “COMM” LED would flash once about three to five seconds in normal communication status. TEST LAMP: In normal status, press “MUTE/TEST” button would have a lamp test. l MUTE SOUND: In fire or fault status, press “MUTE/TEST” button would silence the alarm sound 2. Repeater Installation 2.1 Terminal diagram: l RS485 Communication Wire: The twisted shield wire (RVSP type) should be used as RS485 communication wire. l EOF 120 ohm resistor: The last one repeater in the communication RS485 wire should set the JUMP

desk type IP panel Web IE browser programmable house alarm system Vertical type alarm security system LCD display, easy to operate New Feature : User can edit and program the home appliance location, and can define the time. User can set the email as soon as the alarm be triggered. User can upgrade the system in remote method User can use our Meian software and support at least 10000 users online for alarm info. Model No HA-II Network: TCP/IP GSM Power 15V/2A Zones 32 wireless zones Sound Built in loudspeaker LCD size L12*H4.5CM Product size L29.5*W10.5CM Distance 100 - 150 meters(in the open air) Battery Built in rechargeable battery 11.1V/1000maH(standby around 8 hours) Frequency 433/868mhz

With RJ45 ethernet cable port, users can program the alarm from the web IE, users can inquiry the alarm info in anytime, anywhere from the mobile, tablet, office computer web IE. New Feature: User can set the timing on and timing off for the smart home device. User can set the email address. If alarm be triggered. it will automatically send the event logs to user's mailbox. User can upgrade the system in remote method. No need to return the panel back to the factory and upgrade the new function of the software system. User can use our Meian software and support at least 10000 users online for alarm info. Mobile APP ( IOS / Andriod ) P2P Serivce. Directly Access Control From Mobile To Alarm Control Panel System Within LAN / WAN / 3G / 4G / WIFI Network. IOS Mobile APP: ST-PANEL Item. no.: HA-I Dimensions: (WxHxD) 280x205x74 mm System Network: TCP/IP GSM Number of users: 16 Number of wired zones: 4 Number of remote controls: 8 Number of wireless zones: 32 Number of voice phone 4 Number of wireless doorbell 1 Number of wireless switch 16 Number of wireless siren 1 for two way siren, multiple for single way siren Display: Graphic display, status light Outputs: 1 PGM outputs Antenna: Built in GSM Antenna Event log: 512 Radio frequency: 433MHz/868MHz for options Housing material: ABS Integrated siren: Yes (85dB @ 1m) Working operating temperature: 0 °C-45°C Max. battery charging time: 30 h Max. humidity: 85% Max. run time on backup power: 8 h(7.4V/1800mah) Max. receiving range (outdoors): 150 m Max. receiving range (building): 100 m Max. sending range (outdoors): 150 m Max. sending range (building): 100 m Menu guidance: Voice-operated Stock temperature: -20 °C-60 °C Installation location: Table Net weight: 0.8kg Power supply unit: 15V/2A Configuration: Software programming, Web IE online upgrading. Protocols: Ademco Contact ID Tamper monitoring: Yes Voltage monitoring: Yes AC voltage supply: 110V-240V Language of instructions: English OSD language: English Packaging language: English Certifications: CE,FCC,ROHS

GPRS smart home system works with IP camera and smart door lock Home Smart System to monitor and control home, works with door lock, get app message push with door open action and duress door open IFTTT function for easy DIY 8 scenes and 20 linkaged alarm devices Package: 1pc alarm panel GPRS network with 1 power adaptor Add more alarm device such as IP camera, smart door lock, sensors and remote controller etc. for customized smart home system 1. Fashion design GPRS home alarm system with voice 2. 24 hours free of charge alarm pushes through WiFi network 3. Support remote online upgrade 4. Android + IOS APP application easily control, Easy to give authorization 5. Work with IP camera, The IP camera APP embeds in the host APP. 6. Work with 5pcs smart socket and 2pcs wireless relay output to control simple home appliances. 7. Work with RFID wireless keypad 8. Information push promptly 9. Smart zone function: self checking windows/doors status when user arm host All the losses and the adverse consequences it makes will be assumed by users. Users can monitor what happen at home wherever and whenever. 10. Support Maximum 99pcs sensors, sensors’ names can be revised by users 11.Can store 3 alarm call phone numbers 12.Support three zone types: 24H line, 1st line, 2nd line. 13.Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function 14. Built-in rechargeable battery

Intelligent door lock network fingerprint, passwork, RFID card and app accessable door lock. S-001 is the newest technology network door lock available to work with wireless home alarm system GS-S1 or GS-S3 (please check the model on site or contact us to buy) Works with home alarm system, the door lock can report door open status and visitor or user information via smart phone app. Any action of trying to open the door with wrong passwork or destroying will be reported to home owner immediately. Duress door open will be sent remotely to home owner and police will be called. Below is the features and specifications 1. 5 groups of admin fingerprints, 95 groups of users fingerprints. 2. 304 stainless steel material, touch screen, OLED display (Other appearance is available, please contact us to send your details by email) 3. Stainless steel lock-tongue, super grade C lock cylinder, avoid unlock by tin foil. 4. Adopt phantom password technology, you can add some numbers before or after the real password, which can avoid other people peep your password input. 5. Unlock ways: fingerprint, password, IC card, mechanical key, mobile app (need to buy compatible alarm panel) 6. Pull up the handle to back locking and activate the top /bottom lock bolts. Rotate the knob to deadlock. 7. Voice prompt for operation. 8. 4*AA Alkaline batteries, works for 1-2 years, support low battery alert, supports 5V emergency electrical power supply. 9. Installation types of door: 44-120mm thickness, wooden door, iron gate, various of composite material security doors. Feel free contact us for more details.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector GST brand fire alarm control panel compatibility Addressable fire alarm system smoke detector Aesthetically pleasing low profile design 8 Bit intelligent processor with A/D converter Built in algorithm maps for false alarm rejection Electronically addressed Twin LED for 360 degree vision With Remote indicator output Removable optical chamber for easy clearning and maintenance LPCB Approval Technical specification Standard: EN54-part 5/7 Operating voltage: 24VDC Operating current: standby current :0.8mA Alarm current: 3.8mA Programmable sensitivity: Smoke sensitivity :0.102dB/m~0.316dB/m 3 levels