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New burglar alarm, access control and fire alarm equipment

Home Security System Glass break detector Focus brand Alarm control panel compatible wireless security sensor and alarm accessory Twin-stage potentiometer. Built in audio analysis of microprocessor. With anti-tamper function, networking alarm output. Introduction Twin-stage potentiometer. Built in audio analysis of microprocessor. With anti-tamper function, networking alarm output. Working current: 12.5mA Working voltage: 2*3V CR123 lithium battery supply Response time:

It receives HB brand solar powered wireless active detectors and make alarm with 4 sounds optional for notice and can transfer to wired signal output. Package: 1. 1pc alarm receiver with adapter (UK, USA, European, AU etc. plug for option) 2. 2pcs remote working with alarm receiver. Main functions and features: 1.It is used with HB brand solar powered wireless perimeter protection detectors. 2.The receiver can equip 4 detectors in 4 zones. 3.It makes alarm sound with 4 different tones (beep, wind-bell, plink, clarino) for 8 seconds. 4.It has 4 form "c" relay output terminal for 4 zones. 5.It has 14VDC output for wired siren. 6.Output relay and 14VDC terminal can activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes. Specification: 1.Frequency: 433MHz 2.Operating voltage: 15VDC (power adapter is supplied with the package) 3.Operating current: standby 20mA, Alarming 180mA 4.14VDC terminal output current: 400mA maximum 5.Relay rating: 24VDC or 120VAC at 2A

Industry Fire alarm component. Explosion proof ExdIICT6 grade oil field, chemical factory applied fire system component. IP65 weather proof and dust proof industry grade heat detector. Relay output hardwired heat detector can work with conventional and addressable fire alarm control panel. Specification: 1. Explosion proof: ExdII CT6 2. Working voltage: DC-20V~DC28V 3. Standby current:

Gas detector AT0501AH The gas detector can work with any panel that can accept the switch signal,For example, the input module and Non- addressable control pane. Imported sensors, high accuracy, good stability, anti-toxic, anti-interference ability . Automatic identification and protection and over- concentration sensor  A sensor , short circuit, open circuit failure detection function automatically . Sensor Modular design for easy calibration and replacement. Single-chip digital acquisition and processing technology, automatic correction of sensor aging curve , ensuring a constant sensitivity .  Use explosion-proof design, suitable for Class II atmosphere.   Monitoring Support: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas , alkanes, alkynes , alkenes and other flammable gases  Alcohols, ketones , benzene , gasoline and other flammable vapors of organic( VOC), H2(ppm)  Sensor Type: Catalytic /Electro-chemical / Infrared combustion  Sampling methods: Diffusion sampling  Measurement Accuracy: ±5%F.S Operating Voltage: DC14V-35V  Power consumption: ≤1.5W(DC24V)  Signal transmission: Passive switch signal Aalrm output: Passive normally open signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V  Fault output: Passive normally closed signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V  Environment: Temperature:-40-70  Humidity:10%-93%RH(No condensation)  Pressure:86kPa-106kPa  Protection class  IP65  Ex Mark: ExdIICT6  Body Material: Aluminum  Size: 70mm×110mm×155mm  Weight: 0.9kg Installation: Wall- style , top style , wearing tube Outlet hole connecting thread: G1/2;Thread

FBSB-YA3201 Explosion-proof non-coding manual fire alarm button switch push button, suitable for installation in containing C and DIP A21 TA level, temperature class T6 explosive atmosphere place when manually confirmed the fire after the accident, press this button, It can send an alarm signal to the fire alarm control. This product can be any domestic and foreign manufacturers of fire alarm controller supporting the use, in line with GB3836 series of standards, testing organization designated by the State identified and made explosion-proof certification. This button is self-locking with alarm function, using a dedicated key reset. Explosion alarm buttonTechnical parameters 2.1、explosion-proof mark:ExdⅡCT6/DIP A21 TA,T6 2.2、Relative humidity:less than 95% 2.3、Atmospheric pressure: 80~110KPa 2.4、the working voltage: DC24V 2.5、Normal monitoring: Red LED flash one time in 3S-5S 2.6、alarm status: Red LED quick flash 2.7、Contact capacity: 0.5A 2.8、 into the line diameter: DN16 2.9、diameter: 145×120×65mm 2.10、proof grade: IP65 2.11 Cable choice: cross-sectional area S≥1.5mm2 General Cable

Intruder detector burglar alarm security sensor MX-720T DMT technology pet immunity high reliable ceiling mount PIR. Quad infrared sensor 360 ceiling mount indoor room motion sensor. Features of MX-720T DMT infrared detector: 1. Adopts Random dynamic time segmentation technology which can identify pet activity and body movement. The pet-immunity up to 20kg. 2. LOADIF segment FRESNEL lens, in the surface with high density technology with dual PIR high detection accuracy. 3. Sealed lens, fully sealed anti-insect circuit system 4. Digit signal processing via microprocessor with intelligent for sample signal collection and high identification of theft. 5. Pulse adjustment of sensitivity for environment 6. Automatic environment memory and temperature compensation for free-false alarm. Specification: Brand: Focus Meian tech manufacturer Model: MC-720DMT Detection: Quad Infrared Working voltage: 9~16VDC Consumption current: 20mA~30mA Auto temperature compensation: Yes Pulse Option: Yes Pet immunity: 20 kg Alarm output: N/C 100mA /30VDC Tamper interface: N/C 100mA /30VDC Anti-white light: >8000LUX Installation: Ceiling mount Installation height: 2.4~3.6m Dimension:86diameter *25mm

Meian tech home and business security system manufacturer MD-442DMT Wired digital process MCU intelligent analysis motion sensor. Curtain style fresnel lens with intrusion direction recognition function. Embedded or ceiling mount, detection angle adjustable. Detection distance: 4m at 25C Detection angle: 20 degree (can revolving about 20 degree) Model: MD-442DMT Detection: Quad Infrared Working voltage: 9~15VDC Working temperature compensation: Yes Sensitivity adjustable: Yes Pulse optional: Yes Self-checking function: Yes Direction recognition: Yes alarm output: Solid relay, NC output tamper interface: NC, 50mA /30VDC Anti-white light: >8000LUX installation mode: wall-mounted or ceiling installation height: max. 4.8m dimension: 86*86*50mm

Complex intruder detection system quad infrared with microwave motion sensors DT-7425 meian tech manufactured Focus brand burglar alarm system. Wall mounted pet immunity hard wired Motion Sensor Features: Quad Infrared Sensor with MW sensor double intrusion detection technology are adopted for free false alarm at bad usage environment. With downward vision for thorough detection Detection distance 12m @ 25C Model: DT-7425 Microwave frequency: 10.525GHz Working voltage: 9~16VDC Working current: 8~25mA Automatic temperature compensation: Yes Pulse counting adjustable: Yes Status report: Yes tamper alarm: Yes Alarm output: N/C 100mA /30VDC Temper interface: N/C 100mA /30VDC Anti-white light: >9000LUX Installation mode: Wall mounted Installation height: 1.8-2.4m Dimension: 119*72*42mm

Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatible with all conventional fire alarm control panel. The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with non-coding fire alarm control panel. This device may help your family safe from any fire accident occur during late at night or early in the morning. Below are the features of this Smoke and Heat Detector: Two LEDs on each sides provide local 360 degree visible alarm indication. The LEDs show the detector working status and sensitivity. The alarm can be reset only by a momentary power interruption. Red LED indication and relays latched when alarm. It combines a photo electronic sensing chamber and a temperature heat detector. insect-resistant screening Twist-on mounting base with tamper lock drift compensation and smoothing algorithms remote indicator LED can be connected Specification: Operation voltage range: 9-28VDC non-polarized standby current: