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New burglar alarm, access control and fire alarm equipment

Gas leakage detector for oil field, oil stock, chemical factory combustible gas (or toix gas) detector with audio and visual alarm on spot. Combustible gas detector explosion proof is made according to GB15322.1-2003 for measure 0~100%LEL point type combustible gas sensor and GB3836.3-2000 electric equipment requirement Exd for using at gas explosion environment.The explosion proof mark is Ex d IIC T6 Gb and environment proof IP65 It has character of high reliability, low power consumption, interference resistance etc. It is used to prevent fire, explosion and save people and property. 1. Measure objects: various types of flammable volatile liquid.They are methane, ethane, propane, butane, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, hydrogen, Carbon monoxide, natural gas, LPG, coal, gasoline etc. 2.Measure range: 0-100%LEL 3.Sampling methods: dispersive 4.tolerance: +/-5%F.S 5.Responsive time:

Chemical industry security, oil field security equipment explosion proof beacon alarm lighter. JDJD-G is Non-coded Fire alarm, security system connection visual alarm with flashing. JDJD-G can be installed at explosion place with IIC or IIB grade T6 temperature situation. When incident happens such as combustible gas, toxic gas leakage, the flashing light will be triggered by alarm control panel and make high light flashing. It can be connected with manual call point directly and triggered by manual push alarm. Specification: Exd(ib) IIC T6, or Exd(ib) IIB T6 explosion proof mark Dust and water proof: IP65 Working voltage: DC24V or AC 220V alarm current:

Industry security device explosion proof sounder alarm bell 220V or 24V power supply. JDJL-2 fire alarm explosion-proof outdoor installing alarm bell is non-coded alarm system. It can be installed at places with IIC or IIB T6 temperature grade explosion gas.For example, it can be installed in chemical industry factory, oil field. When fire is found or accident happens, the alarm bell is triggered by fire alarm control panel or manual call point and makes loud sound alarm signal. The Ex-proof alarm bell can be connected with any fire control panel. It meets GB3836.1-2000 electric appliance requirement under explosion gas environment. It meets GB3836.2-2000 flame-proof "d" type Ex-proof device requirement. It has China Ex-proof certificate with quality guaranteed. Specification: Explosion proof mark: ExdIICT6 Power supply: AC220V or DC24V Sound loud level: 95dB to 100dB Environment proof grade: IP65 Working temperature: -20C to +50C working relative humidity:

Indoor installing solar power PIR motion sensor HB-T305 ceiling mounted rooms protection. Easy DIY home security no wiring no battery replace for a life time 10 years Indoor usage with natural light or LED etc. light source for its power panel supply. Free false alarm with innovative technology FSK +FHSS signal wireless transmission. It enables wireless sensor as reliable as wired sensor without radio interference, light interference and with pet immunity. High Security with tamper resistant, self check and report function. Environment security with FCC, CE certificate. Technical Parameter: 1. Solar-charge panel voltage: 5V 2. Standby battery: 3.6V lithium battery, volume: 2400mAh 3. Working current: standby current

1.Solar energy charging design, no need of external power line, the design life is 10 years. 2.Standby current is as small as μA stage. 3.Strong anti-interference capability for disturbances of electromagnetic, strong light, small pets , low false alarm rate; 4. Sensitivity of sensor is adjustable, automatic temperature compensation; 5.One-way, two-way alarm mode are optional; at the one-way alarm mode, return time can be adjusted 6. Streamlined design, flexible and convenient installation, can be installed on wall, ceiling and etc. 7. Work with FM + FH signal , no need of external signal line 8. Use FM + FH signal , solve problem of the wireless signal is easy to be interference and wrong collection false alarm. 9. Has the function of fault self check, and report the fault to the host. Use for window, balcony, corridor, etc Solar panels voltage: 5V Emergency power supply: one 3.6V lithium battery Alarm current: ≤60mA Standby current: ≤40μA detecting angle: Horizontal 4°,Vertical 100° Detecting distance:≥8m Wireless transmitting distance: ≥700m transmitting time:5s work environment temperature range:-10~+55℃ wireless transmitting frequency: 433Mhz FH environment temperature range: -25~+65℃ Product Specification: 115×80×50mm Please choose same brand HB solar beams alarm host for wireless compatible or using wireless to wired adapter for third party wired alarm host. The wireless alarm host model is HB-MFR, HB-4040G, HB-G100, HB-BJQ-560B Welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Addressable fire alarm system Handheld Programmer Write, read and erase device parameters LCD display and functional keys The TX7930 handheld programmer is used to configure smoke detectors soft address and parameter. The programmer is necessary for linkage addressable fire alarm system. The programmer is packed with win 1.5V AA battery and cable, It is ready for usage once received. It is mandatory for the commissioning personnel to have programmer tool in order to adjust the detector conferring to the site situation and environmental requirements. Program a unique address number for each device according to the project layout before placing from the Terminal Base. portable style.Coding address for intelligent detector/MCP/Module,etc. It works with same brand fire alarm systems only. If you are not sure whether or not it is suitable for your system, please contact us for confirmation. Warning:Disconnect the loop connection while connecting to the handheld programmer. On blog there are guidance for setting up and wiring, debug fire alarm systems. On security system forum you can download the instruction manual of fire alarm and burglar alarm system and all alarm accessory.