10 Questions of fire security systems

Fire Alarm including Conventional fire alarm and addressable fire alarm systems TANDA and more brand.
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10 Questions of fire security systems

Post by vedard » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:28 am

Q1: What is the difference between explosion proof products and normal products?
A: The appearance is different. Explosion-proof products are generally metal shell, and all have Ex explosion-proof marking.
For intrinsically safe product, a safety barrier is needed to limit the current throughout the circuit and avoid excessive current sparks.

Q2: Can floor displayer be added to gas extinguish alarm control panel?
A: Yes. It can be added and programmed according to compatible gas extinguish panel type.

Q3: At fire phone call status, the master phone can hear the extension phone but the extension phone can not hear the master phone, why?
A: The cause may be speaker fault of the extension phone, communication line fault or communication card fault.

Q4: Will the manual call point trigger siren strobe if the fire alarm control panel is at manual status?
A: No. The manual call point can not trigger siren strobe directly. It will be triggered by fire alarm control panel. Generally, the fire alarm control panel should be set at automatic status.

Q5: How to extinguish electric fire?
A: Firstly cut off the electric power supply. Then use carbon dioxide 1211 or dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish fire. Details can be found at how to extinguish different types fire.

Q6: Can the fault devices be bypassed?
A: Yes, the fault smoke detector, Smoke proof valve can be bypassed temporarily if it can not be repaired immediately. But there is limited time of bypass.

Q7: How can fire alarm accessories be compatible?
A: The same brand fire alarm accessories can be compatible. For conventional fire alarm system, all types conventional fire alarm can be compatible.

Q8: How long should the siren strobe keep ringing after fire alarm triggered?
A: No limited time. It should keep ringing until the fire alarm system is burned.

Q9: How many devices points can an addressable fire alarm loop can equip?
A: The addressable fire alarm control panel instruction manual may say 242 points for each loop. That means its maximum loading capacity. The actual loading capacity suggested is 80% of maximum capacity.

Q10: Can explosion proof smoke detector be connected in the same loop as normal smoke detector?
A: Yes. they can be connected in the same circuit.

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