Adapter and repeater for solar beam system

User's guide for installation of HB solar powered wireless infrared beams.
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Adapter and repeater for solar beam system

Post by vedard » Tue May 15, 2018 10:03 am

Adapter is used to convert 433MHz FM wireless signal of solar beams to switch out signal. So, any alarm control panel can add perimeter security solar beams into the defense zones and receive all information. It has 8 defense zones. Each zone learns maximum 6 detectors codes.
Repeater is used to extend wireless signal transmission distance of solar beams detector. The signal extending distance is 1 Km and can have 4 levels total. So, the beam detectors can be installed far away from the receiver in security center.
Below we attached manuals for these two types of solar power beam system accessories for security service installing of large project security protection.
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