Security service can be upgrad easy

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Security service can be upgrad easy

Post by vedard » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:58 am

How to upgrade security service on base of exist security equipment? How to expand monitor business? Today we will share the technology of security service upgrade.
There are 4 types of security data transportation.
1. telephone network transportation.
2. Bus-line network transportation.
3. Power supply network transportation.
4. Wireless transportation.
Telephone network is the most popular one used as Image security service center transportation way. But the transportation network is not enough to meet the development of security service industry needs. We need to upgrade the PSTN network to multiple network including optical fiber and modem, PSTN+ GSM/GPRS/TCP/IP.
The CCTV monitored security service center can be upgraded to CCTV surveillance with Alarm Notification as well.
The security service can be upgrade on basis of exist security system with some add-on video server equipment and network convension modules, digital CMS software.
EAVS is such a security equipment to upgrade the security service. Feel free contact us for more details.


Re: Security service can be upgrad easy

Post by cheyenne » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:41 am

When determining the cloud service architecture, we should not only consider resource consumption and management cost, but also consider the logic complexity and robustness of service implementation. Although everyone is in line with AWS, it is not necessarily the most suitable one for themselves. Besides, AWS also has a pit that has not been completed. And cloud security services take safety as the starting point. Naturally, we need to consider the security capability of the service architecture itself.

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Re: Security service can be upgrad easy

Post by teribred0710 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:50 am

No matter in the past or today, keep safety is a constant topic. There are different kinds of safety detectors in the markets, such as the safety siren combustible gas detector, the safety siren gas detector, safety smoke detector and infrared style photoelectric detector. The work principle of the safety gas detector is that when the leaking out and up to a density that is harmful to people’s health, the safety gas detector will give an alarm. And the work theory of the infrared style photoelectric detector is that when someone burst into the certain area of its function field, it will give a alarm to the administrative staff to come and prevent the loss of important goods and documents. This device is designed to create a security for you.

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