security and artificial intelligence

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security and artificial intelligence

Post by vedard » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:09 am

When security is mentioned, access control intercom, security check, security guard etc. always emerge on people’s conscious. But smarter, active, and more powerful “security guard” is needed now. Artificial intelligence may be the best brain for security guard.
AI+security is the trend
According to forecast of internet and security technology, the security system is adopting multiple technology including cloud calculation, big data, IOT, mobile internet and artificial technology. The security system is upgrading to scale, automatic and intelligent type.
So, security system may be the first landing field of artificial intelligent technology application. With development of artificial intelligent technology, the security system will upgrade to Scene adaptation, deep learning, and digital intelligence stage.
Cooperation of security industry company and internet company will improve the intelligent security system to intelligent, integrated, and network type.
Algorithm such as image recognition is available to be used for security system video cameras face recognition and alarm trigger when unfamiliar face is recognized. The new product is available as well such as ArcSoft Simplicam, Drop camPro, Icontrol Piper.
Many manufacturers such as Hikvision, Dahua tech has launched new security solution and security products based on new algorithm.
AI + security will largely saved time and cost for security protection. For example, the lots of captured pictures will cost much of time, energy to analyze and identify the crime. With AI, the security system can analyze the images and give the most impossible clue for identification.
However, the intelligent security system cost is still very expensive. Only with development and population of the CPU chips and technology, the cost can be lower and it can be accepted by normal families.
We believe, in the near future, AI + security system will be the best security protection device for industry and home security.

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Re: security and artificial intelligence

Post by Eddie » Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:24 am

Image recognition enables analysing images from video surveillance cameras to recognize humans, vehicles or objects and it does using machine vision. In spite of the marketing hype, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of AI. But in the coming days security customers will have a hard days figuring out which vendors are offering real value.
It is expected to sniff out potential threats than simply sending notifications. With recent advancement in security cameras, one can expect many security companies out of business.
Today there are wearable cameras for kids and parents with AI which captures best moments.
Recently I heard of a smart security system which is AI powered recognizes people as either friend or foe. On detecting a foul play they would send notification to the police requesting a dispatch while recording audio and video of the intruder. Today Smart security systems come with wide range of facilities like the wearable smart security systems ( ... ity-alarm/).
Today security systems come with endless possibilities and can even be told to close its lens and stop listening when a trusted contact is in the house, thus minimizing concern that the system is constantly watching and eavesdropping.

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