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Fire Security Certificated Smoke Alarm Device Standalone Smoke Alarm with maximum connection of 10 detectors. 10 years life time LifePO4li-ion battery is for optional. Standby battery is 2 pcs 1.5V AA LR6 Maximum 10 pcs connection smoke alarm. It is used for hotel, home, apartment fire security. The smoke alarm is with self check and mute button. Reliable and professional fire security system design to comply with certification. It is standalone smoke alarm. No wiring needed if not need to trigger other smoke alarm. Specification of smoke alarm: 1. Working voltage: DC3V (2pcs 1.5V LR6 battery for 3 years, LifePO4li -ion for 10 years for optional, please leave comment to us if you need lifepo4li-ion 10 years battery) 2. Standby current:

Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatible with all conventional fire alarm control panel. The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with non-coding fire alarm control panel. This device may help your family safe from any fire accident occur during late at night or early in the morning. Below are the features of this Smoke and Heat Detector: Two LEDs on each sides provide local 360 degree visible alarm indication. The LEDs show the detector working status and sensitivity. The alarm can be reset only by a momentary power interruption. Red LED indication and relays latched when alarm. It combines a photo electronic sensing chamber and a temperature heat detector. insect-resistant screening Twist-on mounting base with tamper lock drift compensation and smoothing algorithms remote indicator LED can be connected Specification: Operation voltage range: 9-28VDC non-polarized standby current:

Intrusion Detector Perimeter Security Break Beams Security kits Alarm System including 1 pair 3-beams solar powered beams detector (updated with LCD calibrator) and 1 set wireless receiver All items are Brand New in Original Manufactures Packaging The detector is a sophisticated break beam system incorportaing solar powering, infrared technology and requires no wiring. If you want to protect the perimeter of a large area of land, this intrusion detection device should be your first choice. This break beam system is powered by lithium ion batteries that recharge through built-in solar panels, which means it works 24/7 nonstop for ultimate security protection. Installation couldn't be more simple: Mount the two transmitters evenly, up to 300 feet apart from each other (the distance of a football field), then place the HB-MFR receiver within 1500 feet of the system and your laser beam fence is now in operation. When the beam is broken, the receiver will play one of four different tunes, determined by which zone is disturbed. The point to point sensor was built to avoid false alarms, such as wind, leaves falling, or small objects passing through the system so only intruders will cause an alert. You can place the transmitters at any height as well, to avoid it being triggered by small animals in more rural areas. If you keep the transmitters hidden, intruders will never even know that they set off an alarm, unless you want them to. Put control and safety of your life and land back in your hands. This product also contains four form "C" relay outputs and one 12VDC output. The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer. The output durations are adjustable up to 10 minutes. It also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave your home or property without disturbing any nearby occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function. Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz Power Type (included) - Solar/Lithium Ion Rechargeable Detection Type - Infrared Break Beam Operating Temp. - -30deg.F to 120deg.F

FC-7668 is professional grade residential and commercial burglar alarm system with wireless, wired and bus line connection with security sensors, fire detectors. It has built-in GSM module and PSTN double alarm dialing network. It is LCD keypad program metal case security service type alarm master control panel. Package including: 1. 1 set FC-7668 alarm master control panel with built-in GSM module 2. 1 pc LCD Keypad and installing accessory Features: 8 hardwired, 32 wireless and 128 bus zones available for equip detectors and 8 partitions for independent security control. To enable bus zone, should buy zone expansion module With PGM out module and SD card port. Can upgrade from SD card and import zone name file from SD card. It supports 8 wireless 2-way siren strobe and 32 wireless electric switch. Can control house appliance by remote, mobile phone. It can be expanded to work with security camera and other automation kits with 16 Channel Replay Output module. Support 10 pcs LCD keypad and 16 remotes and programmed by LCD keypad. 1 installer code, 1 master code and 32 user codes. 2 CMS follow me number and 2 account numbers 8 voice number with voice prompt Main Functions and Features: 1.It is office or small business security monitored alarm control panel. 2.It supports remote programming via telephone with voice prompt. 3.8 wired 32 wireless and 128 expansion bus zones. 4.8 partition for independent control by assigned remotes, keypads and phone No. 5.Can connect with alarm linkage output. 6.With door bell zone function. 7.With zone module expansion of medical, fire, emergency etc. 8.Keypad zone name can be edited. 9.User code authority can be set for certain zone. 10.512 pcs records of alarm events. 11.Siren time, sensor inspection, force alarming etc. can be set. 12.System Maintenance of battery test, communication test, walk test of detection range etc. Specification: Power supply:16.5V 40W Backup Battery: 12V/7Ah Lead-acid rechargeable battery can work for 16 hours upc code: 782123753321 ean code: 0782123753321

FG-2035 is Focus security system wired glass break detector. It is an advanced microprocessor based acoustic glass break detector. It is for flush or surface wall, ceiling mounting. It adopts intrusion technology advanced glass-breaking pattern analysis of both low frequency "flex" and high frequency "shatter" channels. It detects the breaking of most common types framde glass panels while ignoring false alarms. Specifications: FG-2035 is for flush (single gang box) or wall / ceiling mounting for up to 30 inch (9m) ranges. It is suitable for most common types of plates, tempered, laminated glass. Minimum size for all types of glass: 30cm*30cm (12 inch *12 inch) Thickness of plate tempered: 3.2mm-6.4mm (1/8 inch - 1/4 inch) Laminated, wired: 64mm (1/4 inch) No adjustments necessary, each unit is bully calibrated by factory. Will not alarm if glass panel broken from inside or glass dropped on floor. Active and passive microphone supervision, verifles unit is in working condition. Full remote test using glass break simulator, no need to open unit. Optional ceiling , wall mount bracket available for opeional mounting and performance. Electrical current consumption: 20mA at 12V (24mA max) Voltage requirement: 9.3-16 VDC Alarm contacts: NC 24VDC, 50mA Tamper contacts: NC 24VDC, 0.5A Acoustic Sensor: Omni Directional Microphone Size: 90*90*22mm (3.5*3.5*0.9 inch) Weight: 63.7g (2.25 oz.) Glass Types: Plate, laminated, wired and tempered. Glass size: 30*30cm(12"12 inch) minimum Environment: Operation temperature range: 0-55C (32-131F) Storage temperature: -20-66C (14-140F)

Audio and video Warning device MD-324R solar powered wireless alarm system Functions and Specification: 1.It can work with control panel or work with remote, or work with wireless detectors independently. 2.It can code 48 wireless equipments. 3.It can make promote sound when the panel is armed or disarmed. 4.It is tamper-resistant. 5.It is solar powered with polycrystalline silicon solar cells. 6.It is with built-in rechargeable battery 6V 4Ah 7.Wireless Receiving sensibility>=104dB 8.Frequency:433MHz 9.Wireless communication distance:200m

MD-214R used with focus alarm panel or remote controller for sound and light alarm. It is two way wireless security device. MD-214R can work with PB-403R with emergency alarm and cancel alarm. MD-214R can work with wireless motion sensor MC-335R, FT-89R, MD-212R and makes sound and light alert when intrusion is detected. Functions and Specification: 1.It can work with alarm panel and controlled by panel. It can work with wireless detectors or remote without panel. 2.It can code maximum 48 wireless equipments. 3.It is powered with adaptor and DC12V 500mA rechargeable battery 4.It is tamper-resistant to against moving or open. 5.It fit for to be installed in porch, window at home or store. 6.It can realize alarm and disalarm answer and react. 7.Power voltage:DC15V 8.Alarm Sound:110dB 9.Standby current:8mA 10.Alarm current:

Video Surveillance and burglar alarm, fire alarm combination home security system. Fortune III mini type smart home hub. Meian tech new launched wireless home security system with lastest multiple technology including built-in CMS platform management, TCP/IP network, S-bus zone and house appliance controlling. Mini Video+ Alarm Combo Brand: FOCUS Model: FORTUNE-III-S Description: Full Function Of Meian Fortune III Mini Type 4CH Intergrated With CMS Platform Management Introduction Art No.: Fortune III MiNi Dimensions 260*220*53MM Housing Materials ABS Plastic Box LCD Size Indoor Use, Desk Table Set Menu Guidance Graphic Display, Status Light Kit Weight 1.2KG(Without Accessoires) Kit Accessories Included 1*Wireless PIR Detector 1*Wireless Door Sensor 2*Wireless Remote Controllers 1*WIFI 960P IPCam Alarm Specification System Alarm Network Version : TCP/IP, GSM, WIFI Router, 4CH 1080P RF Frequency FSK/433MHZ Number Of Users 16 Number Of Wired Zones 0 Number Of Bus Zones S-BUS With 32 Wired Devices Number Of Remote Controls 8 Number Of Wireless Areas 4 Areas Support 32 Wireless Devices Number Of Voice Phone 4 Number Of Door Bell 0 Number Of Wireless Switch 64CH Number Of Wireless Siren 1PC Dual Way Siren 16 Single Way Siren PGM Outputs 1 GSM Antenna External Event Logs Inquiry 1024 Intergrated Siren YES Built in Battery 3.7V/1800mAh Max. Run Time On Backup Power 6-8 Hours Max Receiving Range 100M Max Sending Range 100M Power Supply Unit DC12V AC Power AC110-240V Max Charge Current 350mA Max Support Current 500mA Protocols Ademco Contact ID Tamper Monitoring YES Video Specification Operation System Linux Video Input 3CH IP Video Input Video Output 1 HDMI Port Serial Port 1 RS485 Number Of Network Port 1 RJ45 Port Number Of HDD 1x4TB HDD USB Port 1*USB2.0 Real Time Video Resolution 1024*768/60Hz 1280*1024/60Hz 1920*720p/60Hz 1920*1080p/60Hz Playback Video Resolution 1024*768/60Hz 1280*1024/60Hz 1920*720p/60Hz 1920*1080p/60Hz Video Coding Standard H.264 PAL/NTSC Video Output Rate CIF:384 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 768 Kbps D1: 512 Kbps, 768 Kbps, 1024 Kbps Audio Coding Standard G711A, 8KHZ, 16BIT Audio Output Rate 48Kbps Customer Client Support Mobile Client Smart Defense WebIE (Factory Default) Meian CMS Server: Certification CE/ROHS/FCC