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FT 957 short circuit isolators are used for the short circuit fault protection of buses. When a bus circuit is operating normally, the FT 957 short circuit isolator will not operate; when a short circuit fault occurs at a place at the output end of the short circuit isolator in the bus circuit (short circuit current >200mA), the section suffering the short circuit fault will be cut off from the bus, thus ensuring the normal communication of the other sections of the bus. Upon elimination of the short circuit fault, the short circuit isolator can automatically bring the isolated section into the system again. A short circuit isolator will make it convenient to confirm the location suffering a short circuit fault. The short circuit isolator does not need coding nor occupies the address in the bus circuit. Main technical parameters 1.Mode of operation: Nonpolar two-wire system 2.Quiescent current: 200mA 4.Operation indicator: Red (It is out in the normal monitoring status or remains lit in the operation status) 5.Operating environment: Temperature: -10C~50C; relative humidity:

Engineering Alarm Host for alarm receiver of solar powered wireless same brand infrared detectors It can work with all solar powered wireless beams, detectors in this store. Packing list: 1. PSTN alarm host X1 (ademco contact id protocol) 2.Wired alarm key panel X1 3. wireless remote X1 Product Introduction 1.8 wired and 120 wireless programmable defense areas. (Can work with same brand wireless detectors only) 2. Ademco Contact Id communication protocol. 3. 5 modes of defenses: departure defense, perimeter defense, single area defense, time delay defense, long distance defense. 4. 5 types of defense areas: instant defense area, time delay defense area, 24 hours defense area, perimeter defense and by-pass defense area. 5. 4 modes of disarming: password keyboard disarming, wireless remote control disarming, long distance disarming, alarm disarming. 6. Able to arrange defense, disarm the alarm, and emergency alarm by remote control. 7. Two sets of user passwords and one set of installation password. 8. Can prerecord 10-20s voice alarm. 9. It can dial 4 sets of telephone number (fixed or mobile phone number) and one set of alarm center number. 10. Parameter related to recording, monitoring, remote control, type of defense areas and telephone line inspection can be set as required through the key panel. It is tamper-resistant and lightening-proof. 11. With 220VAC power supply and 12V/7Ah backup battery. It can be accessed by a monitor head and at most 4 key panel. 12. Equipped with "watchdog" function so as to prevent the dead of halt of the system. low battery power alarm, non working alarm etc. 13. The receiving frequency is 443MHz.

Intrusion Detector Perimeter Security Break Beams Security kits Alarm System including 1 pair 3-beams solar powered beams detector (updated with LCD calibrator) and 1 set wireless receiver All items are Brand New in Original Manufactures Packaging The detector is a sophisticated break beam system incorportaing solar powering, infrared technology and requires no wiring. If you want to protect the perimeter of a large area of land, this intrusion detection device should be your first choice. This break beam system is powered by lithium ion batteries that recharge through built-in solar panels, which means it works 24/7 nonstop for ultimate security protection. Installation couldn't be more simple: Mount the two transmitters evenly, up to 300 feet apart from each other (the distance of a football field), then place the HB-MFR receiver within 1500 feet of the system and your laser beam fence is now in operation. When the beam is broken, the receiver will play one of four different tunes, determined by which zone is disturbed. The point to point sensor was built to avoid false alarms, such as wind, leaves falling, or small objects passing through the system so only intruders will cause an alert. You can place the transmitters at any height as well, to avoid it being triggered by small animals in more rural areas. If you keep the transmitters hidden, intruders will never even know that they set off an alarm, unless you want them to. Put control and safety of your life and land back in your hands. This product also contains four form "C" relay outputs and one 12VDC output. The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer. The output durations are adjustable up to 10 minutes. It also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave your home or property without disturbing any nearby occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function. Wireless Frequency - 434 MHz Power Type (included) - Solar/Lithium Ion Rechargeable Detection Type - Infrared Break Beam Operating Temp. - -30deg.F to 120deg.F

Gas detector AT0501AH The gas detector can work with any panel that can accept the switch signal,For example, the input module and Non- addressable control pane. Imported sensors, high accuracy, good stability, anti-toxic, anti-interference ability . Automatic identification and protection and over- concentration sensor  A sensor , short circuit, open circuit failure detection function automatically . Sensor Modular design for easy calibration and replacement. Single-chip digital acquisition and processing technology, automatic correction of sensor aging curve , ensuring a constant sensitivity .  Use explosion-proof design, suitable for Class II atmosphere.   Monitoring Support: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas , alkanes, alkynes , alkenes and other flammable gases  Alcohols, ketones , benzene , gasoline and other flammable vapors of organic( VOC), H2(ppm)  Sensor Type: Catalytic /Electro-chemical / Infrared combustion  Sampling methods: Diffusion sampling  Measurement Accuracy: ±5%F.S Operating Voltage: DC14V-35V  Power consumption: ≤1.5W(DC24V)  Signal transmission: Passive switch signal Aalrm output: Passive normally open signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V  Fault output: Passive normally closed signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V  Environment: Temperature:-40-70  Humidity:10%-93%RH(No condensation)  Pressure:86kPa-106kPa  Protection class  IP65  Ex Mark: ExdIICT6  Body Material: Aluminum  Size: 70mm×110mm×155mm  Weight: 0.9kg Installation: Wall- style , top style , wearing tube Outlet hole connecting thread: G1/2;Thread

SB-116 Manual call point 2-wire The conventional manual call point is designed for fire alarm systems and security alarm systems It is with pull down plate for safe and easy press to call at emergency condition and easy to restore after the alarm. It can be reset by using the key to open the case without breaking the glass. It is compatible with all the conventional fire alarm control panel. 470 Ohm resistance Easy surface mounting base included. All wiring must be installed in compliance with the National electrical code, applicable state and local codes and any special requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction. Specification: Dimension:140mm*105mm Height: 45mm Weight: 220g Operation temperature range: -10 C to 50 C Operating Humidity range: 10% to 93% relative humidity, non condensing Latching alarm: Reset by momentary power interruption System voltage (nominal): 24VDC (9V-28VDC) Standby current: 60uA @24VDC Alarm current: 10-30 mA @24VDC

Functions and Specification: 1.Gas species:methane, LPG, coal gas and other noncorrosive gases. 2.Valve body material: brass alloy 3.Material for sealing:NBR rubber 4.Operating temperature:-10℃~60℃ 5.Test operating pressure: 25KPa 6.Connection style:G1/2(DN15A) 1/2" 7.Valve opening:reset manually 8.Valve closing: direct current pulse drive or manually 9.Driving voltage:9VDC to 15VDC 10.Driving current: