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How to disable Smoke Alarm temporarily?

Smoke Alarm is basic component for fire detection of fire alarm system. It is widely used for fire safety at hotel, KTV, school, commercial building. warehouse, library and home. There are grade I, grade II and grade III of smoke alarm.

Sensitivity of grade I: <0.5dB/m;
Sensitivity of grade II: >0.5dB/m,<1dB/m;
Sensitivity of grade III:>1dB/m,<2dB/m.

Grade I smoke alarm is with highest sensitivity of smoke detection. If someone is smoking in the room, it will trigger alarm immediately. For grade III smoke alarm, only many people are smoking in the room, it will trigger alarm.

Smoke alarm is the detector to monitor the smoke density and make alarm. Generally, the sensing sensitivity is adjustable for some professional smoke detector, 0.15-0.3dB/m adjustable for example.

Smoke Alarm is 24 hours armed (for home security system), constantly working and self checking (for fire alarm system). It can not been removed or closed. Even the battery is removal, it will trigger alarm.

If the smoke alarm or the fire alarm system is under maintenance, the concerned persons should be noted and the system should be set to test status.

Smoke Alarm Fire Detection

For some special situation, how to disable the smoke alarm temporarily? There are some tips for personal user to do. But remember to restore to its original after test or temporary disabling.

  1. Use tape or plastic bag to cover the smoke alarm, so that the smoke alarm can not detect smoking and will not trigger alarm.
  2. Shut off the buzzer or cut off the buzzer wire to disable sound of the smoke alarm. For smoke alarm linked to fire alarm system, this way is not available.
  3. For wireless smoke alarm, it can be deleted from home security system and removed.
  4. Do not shut off the power.

There are three types of smoke alarm (smoke detectors). They are addressable smoke detector linked to intelligent fire alarm control panel, conventional smoke detector linked to conventional fire alarm control panel, relay output /switch contact (4wire) smoke detector linked with home security alarm control panel or monitor system, fireproof shutter system.

Generally, all the smoke alarm or smoke detectors are with built-in buzzer and LED flash lighter. When smoke is detected, it will make sound and light alarm on spot. The smoke alarm /detector required regular test and maintenance. If it is wrong, it makes sound and light for noise and disturbing all the day. So, temporarily disabling the smoke alarm is allowed.

Smoke Detector Fire sensor
Fire alarm system smoke detector

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