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Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems for security protection

New technology security alarm server EAVS

EAVS is high integrated security equipment which has alarm, NVR, IE explorer together.

With EAVS security equipment, security center can be easy to build up and supports maximum 90 million users.

Many new technologies are adopted for this integrated security alarm server and it is keeping upgraded. Below we will explain some FAQ and help security service engineers, end users knowing this new type security alarm server.

alarm server

integrated security alarm









1. How to use USB disk to record video?
Please insert the USB disk into the EAVS USB port, then enter into EAVS main menu, find the file you want to backup from the file management, click backup and it is ok.

2. How to use joystick to switch PC and EAVS display?
Turn the EAVS/PC switch on the real panel to EAVS, then press “MON” key on the joystick to switch PC and EAVS interface. If EAVS/PC switch is turned on PC, then no effect by pressing “MON”

3. Why no image display after EAVS visiting from IP or domain name?
Cause ActiveX play control is not installed for image display. Please visit EAVS through IP or domain name, after enter interface, click set, then click system maintenance to download ActiveX and install it.

4. How to set the alarm preset point linkage video and PTZ
Firstly, please enroll the detector into the system, then set the alarm preset point, (move the cursor to the PTZ setting and press enter on the remote controller or click the left mouse button to enter the setting screen, choose the channel, then turn the image to the alarm position through the PTZ control, set preset point digital). Then set linkage( enter into main menu, click security setting, click alarm setting, select the zone number which you want to link and the image channel, video record channel, click PTZ linkage and save it for linkage channel and preset pint. At last confirm exterior alarm is selected for timer arm setting.)

5. Why manual record can not be shut off?
Because timer recording is set. EAVS system can set maximum 4 timer recording.

6. Why black/white image is displayed on monitor or TV display?
Please check and confirm video input, EAVS machine and monitor or TV set standards are totally same. If not, please set monitor or TV set to automatically recognize.

7. The system domain name and platform is set, but it can not be visited and no information is sent, why?
Please check whether the IP address of the router is mapped.

8. Why the joystick maintenance LED keeps lighting on?
If the maintenance keeps flashing, it means there is connection error of the system. Such as telephone line is not connected well or the information sent to CMS failed. If the LED keeps lighting on, it means the detector is not ready yet.

9. Why EAVS not need 911 alarm dialer?
Cause The alarm dialer system is integrated into EAVS system already. The system can set 4 groups voice receiving phone and 2 groups CMS phone.

10. Why the 8 channels audio input is active MIC and not Passive MIC?
The active MIC is with wide audio detection range and the volume can be adjusted.

11. How to use remote intercom?
Please insert MIC and SPK into EAVS system, remote log into the system and right click image to open intercom.

12. The notes of PTZ control setting
Check and confirm PTZ 485 control line is connected to EAVS equipment correctly. Check and confirm the protocol and frequency is same of PTZ and EAVS equipment. Check and confirm the PTZ address is same as it is set on EAVS system.

13. Only image is displayed and no control button or the image is not full of the screen, why?
Check and confirm the EAVS definition is same as monitor.

14. Can the CMS receive alarm report when network is not connected or off line?
Yes, EAVS can identify line off and send alarm to CMS via telephone line.

15. EAVS how to use SMS and MMS?
Add GSM module to the EAVS equipment.

16. What distance is it available between wired detector to EAVS
EAVS uses A/D convert circuit and the distance can reach to 1km.

17. What distance is it available between wireless detector and EAVS?
It can reach to 500m at open area.

18. Is it possible to have repeat code of wireless detector?
EAVS uses 32 digits multi-code wireless codes and it is almost impossible of repeat code cause the rate is one 40 billionth

19. How many remotes can one EAVS set
Maximum 8 remotes can be enrolled

20. Can EAVS be used at factory, school etc. With multiple protection areas?
EAVS has 8 wired and 56 wireless programmable defense zones and 32 bus system defense zones.

21. Why EAVS false alarm rate is lower than DVR motion alarm?
EAVS adopts motion sensor and image moving recheck identifying technology and without sunlight interference. DVR motion alarm adopts moving sensor only and may be interfered by sun light.

22. Is manual check required for EAVS?
EAVS adopts auto system check function, all detectors will send status report to EAVS every one hour. All system fault will be checked and reported to CMS.

23. How many disks and capacity can be supported by EAVS?
EAVS can support 2 pcs 1000G capacity hard disk.

24. At Wifi or internet not convenient place, how to use network to connect to CMS
EAVS supports 3G network module

25. How many channels of D1 recording is supported
EAVS can supports maximum 8 channels D1

26. How to link EAVS alarm with lighting
Through 232 lighting linkage module, it can control 64 circuits lighting control

27. If the line is off when remote upgrading EAVS, will EAVS failed
No. EAVS will download the and save the files firstly, after download completed, it will upgrade automatically.

28. If user password and install password is forgotten, how to do?
Return the machine to factory to upgrade.

29. What short key does the joystick has?
It has single picture, 4 pictures, 9 pictures switch function, manual record, record play, Aperture adjustment, Preset call, PC and EAVS display switch, arm disarm etc.

30. If no joystick, can mouse be used to operate the EAVS system?
Yes, the EAVS menu setting and system can be operated by mouse.

31. What will EAVS system do if the video wire is cut off?
EAVS system will know the wire is cut off and report it to CMS

32. If the EAVS alarm during PC working time, how can watch the alarm video?
EAVS will switch picture to alarm picture and displays alarm picture even PC is working as computer.

33. Why EAVS is cost effective?
EAVS has alarm system, VGA output, video server together. No repeat purchase is needed.

34. Why EAVS will never crash down?
EAVS system has double watch dog function, if the system crashes down, the system will automatically restart in 1 minute and work properly.

35. Why security service engineer can solve the problem of EAVS without showing up at EAVS using site?
EAVS system is with remote programming and remote maintenance function.

36. Normal alarm system center can support maximum 9 thousand users, why EAVS can support maximum 90 million users?
Normal alarm system center adopts 4 digits user code CID protocol, EAVS adopts 4-8 digits user code CID protocol, So, it can support maximum 90 million users.

37. What cost it will be to build TCP/IP network video alarm security center?
The cost is EAVS and one PC.

38. How can EAVS do when burglary happens at holiday without people at home?
There is Voice alarm module and it can dial preset alarm receiving telephone to report the alarm information to home owner. At the same time, it will turn on video recording and begin to record. It will send video to center for record of 1 minute before and after alarm.

39. Can EAVS support wireless LCD keypad installed on the wall?
Yes, it supports wireless LCD keypad.

40. How will EAVS do when leaving home without arm?
EAVS system supports 4 groups timer arm/disarm 24 hours *7 days. It can be armed and disarmed remotely.



Dangerous gas leakage Alarm Device Installation

The dangerous gas includes combustible gas such as methane, ethylene, hydrogen, natural gas, LPG etc. and toxic gas such as CO, H2S, H2 etc. The dangerous gas is easy produced at industry fields such as chemical factory, oil field and may lead to explosion.

Gas detector explosion proof

Explosion-proof gas detector

Dangerous gas leakage alarm device is needed to monitor and notify people of the dangers and automatically shut off gas or drive electric fan etc. The gas leakage alarm device should be installed correctly for its proper work. Below we will make notes of the alarm device installation.

  1. The alarm device can not be installed at place with strong magnetic such as high power electric engine, transformer around. It can not be installed at places where corrosive gases are present.
  2. The alarm device is instrument for safety with sound and light display, it should be installed at places where people can easy see and hear then eliminate the dangers in time.
  3. There is platinum, palladium and other rare metals on the surface of alarm device probe, it should be taken care of and avoid breaking the probe when installing the alarm device.
  4. The installation position of the indoor probe is different according to the density of the detected gas. When the detected gas density is less than the air density, the probe should be installed 30cm from the roof and downward. On the contrary, the probe should be installed from the ground 30cm and upward.
  5. When the probe is installed outdoor, the installation position is confirmed according to detected gas density same as indoor installation. But be noted the probe should be installed on the downwind side.
  6. Protective casing is needed for alarm circuit connection cable. It is best to add metal hose to the probe wiring. The probe should be with the same level of explosion-proof with the factory.
  7. Do not test the detector with high purity gas.
  8. After installation and test, be sure to install breathable waterproof cover to protect the probe from water.                  Industry gas leakage alarm device is high accuracy explosion-proof instrument. It always work with fire alarm control panel or other security system to respond to gas leakage and prevent disaster.

Burglar Alarm System Installation Notes

Burglar Alarm System Installation is more complicated than CCTV security cameras’ installation. Especially for hard-wired burglar security detectors’ installation, there are some notes should be attended.

1. Select installation bracket

Some security system installers maybe ignore the effect of brackets. Actually, the bracket can help accurately adjust the probe to guard against detection area. It largely saves time and cost of security system adjustment and future maintenance. But when the detector is installed between two sides of the wall with 90 degree, the bracket can be left out.

2. Pipeline laying

We found potential dangers on pipeline laying in some burglar alarm system construction projects. The potential dangers we are talking here are not fire dangers but sabotage dangers. Using PVC cable sheath or even bared cable, not enough pipeline installation height etc. are the potential dangers for sabotage. Some security burglar alarm system installers may think this does not matter cause there is tamper-resistance function with the alarm master controller and it can make alarm when the detector is sabotaged. But the sabotage can greatly affect the security system working efficiency and even cause the security system shutdown for repair. It needs much time and energy for the security system engineers checking and troubleshooting. If the problem can not be solved in short time, the system may not been armed and not work.

Then what cable sheath should be used? Galvanized welded steel pipe with metal hose and fully sealed metal wiring box is the better equipment for cable wiring outdoor.

3. Hidden pipeline 

In the actual installation process, especially for some new buildings, the pipeline should be buried. That will ensure concealment of transmission path and avoid sabotage. At the same time  the buried pipeline should be convenient and flexible to access to the main bridge. In order to add wiring  in the future using the threading apparatus, it is better to pre-set  a small diameter steel cable in each pipeline.

security system project

Install hard-wired burglar alarm system

4. Redundancy of feeder cable length

When a probe is installed and fixed, the next thing to do is to connect the wire probe. How to accurately calculate the cable length reserved? If the feeder cable length is too short, it is difficult to adjust the probe angle. If the feeder cable length is too long, the probe case will be hard to cover and have to put the extra cable outside. But the exposed cable will cause detector security risks. So, we should firstly fix and adjust the detector target to protection area, then measure the needed wiring cable and cut off the extra cable.

5. Connect tamper-resistant switch

When connect the detector especially intrusion detector to the security system, the tamper-resistant switch should be connected as well. If tamper-resistant switch is not connected to the system, the theft can destroy the detector at disarm period and without notice.

6 wire cable such as RVV6*0.5 6 core cable is used to connect the detector. Two wires are used for power supply connection. Two wires are used for alarm contact connection. Two wires are used for tamper-resistant switch connection. The tamper-resistant switch wiring should be connected to 24 hours defense zone. So, it can ensure the security of the detector and system against sabotage.

6. Early Determination of installation location 

The detector installation location should be determined early before system installation cause it is hard to move after installation. The detector installation location should be determined according to protection area and environment. If the installation location is not proper, the false alarm and missing alarm events may happen.


Burglar Alarm Systems are popularly installed for security protection of home, business and industry. But if burglar alarm system is not installed correctly, the security system may not work properly. So, correctly installed burglar alarm system can ensure the security system working effect without repair and trouble. Every security system installer should know the installation principle and not only install the detector, alarm panel according to the products manual.





Intelligent Community Security FAQ

Intelligent Community Security will always be with problem in use and operation process. There are causes of design flaws, installation impropriety and improper use of security equipments. Here are some common problems and solutions.

Q&A:Confused mark or no label of wiring

Cabling system building is the longest security system construction period, the largest input of human resources, and also the most important part of the whole system. Most of them are concealed works in modern residential area construction, and they are permanent exist.
Chaos mark or even no mark Wiring  leads large trouble to the installation and maintenance of the project. At the process of equipment installation and commissioning time, no marked wiring will take the second manpower to measure the wiring. After completion of the project still marked unidentified or not marked wiring will cause difficulties to the maintenance work. So in the wiring process, each line must be clearly marked, so that not only can save installation costs, but also facilitate the installation and commissioning of the project.

Intelligent Community Security

Community Security System building

Q&A: No waterproof and sun protection measures for outdoor wiring

The outdoor wiring must have waterproof and sun-proof measures to prolong the system life and ensure the security system stability.


1. Wiring system by connecting terminals indoor as far as possible even extenting wiring. Can use hand in hand wiring for bus system.
2. The outdoor terminal of the system can be sealed. The treatment causes inconvenience for system maintenance but can prolong system life and enhance reliability.  If need to disassemble the wiring, it must be re-sealed at the end.
3. Using outdoor distribution box for all outdoor termination of the wiring. Put all outdoor line terminals into the terminal box. This method not only solve the outdoor end waterproof sun-proof problem but also easy maintenance.

Q&A: The installation height of intercom host is not appropriate

Most of the intercom host is installed at the bottom of 1.5 meters from the ground. But the host height are different for different manufacturers, the specific needs of the installation height must be based on the entity concerned. It should be in accordance with the standard of the height of the camera, so as to make the indoor monitor more clearly see the visitors. There are some residential units gates in front of the ladder, thus causing the visitors standing height is not the bottom of the door frame bottom but one or two steps lower. The installation position of the intercom host height should be confirmed according to the spot.
Most of the intercom hosts are not water-proof. If they are installed on wall without rainshed, the security system stability and using life will reduce.


1. Install the intercom host on the gate.

2. Add rainshed or waterproof kit for the intercom host.

Q&A: closed-circuit monitoring system and power supply system are in the same tube 

Put closed circuit television line and power lines parallel and even in the same pipeline. The monitored images will be distorted cause of the power electric interference.


1. Use better shielding effect cable or even double shielding cable.
2. Even in the same pipeline,  use plurality of line pipe and tube wiring. Not wiring the circuit in same line pipe of the the power line.
3. When wiring in elevator, make sure to get distance between the power line. The elevator is using a strong power, the interference is large. The greater the longer distance between the CCTV line and power supply line.
4. Increase anti-interference equipment.

Q&A: Exposing household privacy in closed circuit monitoring system

The community monitor can easily see the residents’ house, the home owner’s privacy will be exposed imperceptibly. If there is a video data gratuitous transfer, it will cause great harm to the owners, there may even make a lawsuit.


1. Select appropriate location to install the security cameras. The security cameras should be mainly installed in the square and traffic corridors and other public places.
2. The security cameras should avoid to toward to residential direction especially residents gate, doors and windows, balcony.

Q&A: Parking card reader location is not appropriate

There are ID, IC two types card readers with legibility distance from 10 cm to 10 meters. For the long distance card reader, the driver does not actively take the card, as long as the card is placed in the car, it can be automatically read when the car pass through the card reader. For the close to 10 cm card reader, the driver must roll down the window and took the card in front of the card reader.  So the reader must be installed in the position where driver can easily reach. Some areas due to restrictions on the site, the vehicle can not turn in and out and smoothly access the card reader. The drivers must get off to access to card readers. It caused inconvenience for residents.

Solution: Fully inspect the site, select the appropriate location to install parking management equipment.

Q&A: Perimeter protection system is installed as normally open alarm mode

There are normally closed (N/C) and normally open (N/O) two types alarm modes for wired alarm systems. But N/O is not fit for perimeter protection system installation. For N/O circuit, when the security system is cut off, the system will not trigger alarm. For N/C circuit, when the security system circuit is cut off, the system will trigger alarm.

Solution:N/C circuit is suggested for perimeter security system burglar alarm.

Q&A: Electronic patrol route is not suitable

There are wired electronic patrol and wireless electronic patrol. Wireless electronic patrol is with advantages of easy installation and maintenance and stable system. So, wireless electronic patrol is popular nowadays. Improper patrol route will cause inconvenience for security patrol staff. It may require the patrol staff passing the lawn to arrive patrol location. At rainy and snowy days, that caused great inconvenience.


1. Design patrol route as “S” style and without blind corner.

2. Patrol point should be installed in the places where the patrol staff can easily reach, such as the location of the roadside, the front of the unit gate.

Q&A:The home security system PIR is installed toward to the windows

The false alarm may be produced by improper security sensor installation. If the Infrared Detector (PIR) is installed toward to the windows, the movement and activity in outdoor may produce false alarm.


Avoid to install indoor PIR toward to windows or choose multiple intrusion technology security sensor for strong environment interference resistance.

Conclusion: There are many problems and difficults installing community security systems. Only if we thoroughly inspect the site and strickly install the security system according to instruction, the community security system can work smoothly. The later maintenance can be easy with properly planed and installed community security system. 






Install Infrared Beams Detector

Installing active infrared beams detector is harder than installing passive infrared detector. The beams detector is installed at outdoor open space. It is always fixed on pillar or on wall. We should firstly confirm the protection line and draw the installing place on drawing. Then we mark the accurate installing point on fixing object such as wall or pillar by level instrument or other tools.

Install Beams Detector on wall

How to Install Infrared Beams Detector on wall

Installing ways:
1. Installing the beams on pillar: there are some types of pillars such as pipe and square columns. The shapes are “1” shape, “z” shape or “L” shape. We should choose the correct type of pillar according to installing building feature and security protection requirement. The pillar should be fixed on ground or other objects strongly and without moving or shaking. It is important to ensure the beams detector installing and working properly.
2. Installing the beams on wall: the infrared beams can be installed on wall or fence, windows directly. The Optical lens of the detector has automatic up and down adjustment of 20 degree. Use fixing bracket to install the infrared beams on surface of wall or frame of windows.
Principles of installing infrared beams detectors:
Detectors installed on passageway: It is used to stop illegal passing and avoid false alarm caused by pet or small animals. So, the beams should be installed more than 50 cm (from the infrared beams hole) over the ground. The beams blocking response speed should be set at fast rate.

Fixing Photoelectric Beam on pillar

Use Infrared Beams Detector to stop illegal climbing over the wall

Detectors installed on parapet wall: It is used to stop illegal climbing over the parapet wall. The beam can be installed over the top of the parapet wall or over the side of the parapet wall. It should be installed more than 25 cm (from the infrared beams hole) over the top of the parapet wall to avoid false alarm caused by bird or cat etc. animals. And the distance should be less than 30 cm between the beams hole and the wall inside part. When it is installed at side part of the parapet wall, it should be installed at outside part of the wall and near the top part.

Fixing break beams on wall by pillar

How to install break beams

The installation way should be chosen according to protection requirement and building features. 4 beams infrared detector performed better than 3 beams to avoid false alarm.


Home Security Mobile Monitor

What is the best home security solution? Mobile monitor may be the latest technology for home security solution.
Mobile monitor is integration of CCTV and burglar alarm system. It is wireless network security surveillance and PIR detection.

PTZ camera alarm system

Wireless Network alarm camera

The mobile surveillance can be used as baby monitor, shop monitor and home monitor. Just with mobile phone, home can be monitored anytime, anywhere. With wireless motion sensor, smoke detector, gas sensor connected, home is secured.
Fix the wireless network alarm camera, plug-in internet wire, power on, set up smart phone app, the wireless surveillance system is ready for work.
It is so easy creating safety living with wifi surveillance camera. The security camera is P2P camera and suppurts multiple network. It is 2-way audio communication and can call out or call in.
The camera is with PTZ function and you can monitor home via slipping on the phone. PAN and tilt for 360° full view of home.
Mobile monitor is not just IP camera. It is new type home security system. It watches your home 24 hours and send pictures to e-mail or mobile app. It saves video records on TF card for enquiry. With it, home is at hand and guarded all the time.
So, the Wifi IP PTZ camera with wireless detection systems is the best choice for smart home security. Home and families are aways in control wherever you are. And they are always safe.
Where to buy the home security monitor systems? It is in stock at Vedard Security Store and easy to buy at catalog surveillance alarm security. The model Number is KS-8132.
How can know more details of the home security camera? Feel free to contact us via email or post your question on our forum

Pet immune Motion Detectors and the technology

Pet immune motion detectors are required to be installed in house where pet is living. The pet immunity motion detector can identify moving of pet and human. So, it can avoid false alarm caused by pet movement.

Intrusion Detector PET Immunity

home security system

Security systems manufacturers are adopting new digital technology to make pet immune motion detectors.
Generally, there are 2 ways of pet immunity technology. One way is changing design of Fresnel lens. The fresnel lens will refract or reflect Pyroelectric infrared signal to PIR. It will divide the detection area into a number of bright and dark regions. Changing the area division way can reduce the false alarm caused by small pet. But the effective is minimal.
Another way to reduce false alarm caused by pet is MCU processing. The MCU will collect the detected infrared signal. Then it compares that with sample signal of human movement. It analyzes the signal cycle, volumn, polarity. If the detected frequency range is 6-12Hz, the system judges an activity as a pet activity and does not generate an alarm. If the detected frequency range is 0-5Hz, the system generates an alarm.
There are maximum 15kgs, 20kgs, 35kgs pet immune motion detectors. Home owners should select the corresponding one to fit the pet weight.
Correctly installing the motion detector is important to reduce false alarm. There are installation note for pet immune motion detectors. It is required to install the detector according to the manual.
There are 4 notes when install the motion detectors.
1. Installing height
Install the motion sensor at required installing height. Otherwise, the detection distance may be shorten. The pet immunity effectiveness will be decreased.
2. Installing angle
3. Installing place
PIR motion detector should be avoid installing at some places where interference may be generated.
4. Installing direction
It is best to keep potential intrusion direction and detection area of PIR as 90 degree.
Digital technology is developing. So, in the future, the motion detector will be more intelligent and easy to use.

Program Alarm Systems Solar Beams Detectors

Program Alarm System with Solar Beam Sensors

perimeter beams

Solar beams perimeter security sensor

1. Press the switch(at the back of the sensor) 1 time to turn on the sensors. (if work normally,the indicator light will on)
2. Keep the Transmitter aligned with the Receiver (if work normally,the indicator lights will blink)
3. Trigger the beam sensors by thick materials(block up all the infrared beams)

(if work normally,the receiver’s light will on) 4.connect the beams to the host(reference to the hosts’ manuals)

alert products

community security perimeter intrusion alert products

【Notice 】HB-T001Q3+ has LCD calibrator,but don’t have on site alarm function
1.Press the switch(at the back of the sensor) 3-10 times to turn on the sensors. (if work normally,the indicator light will on and there are 3-6 “di” beep prompt)
【Notice1 】if press the switch 3 times to turn on: there are 5 seconds alarm voice while the beam sensors be triggered; if 4 times,there are 15 seconds;if 5 times,there are 30 seconds;if 6 times,there are 60 seconds;if 7-10 times,no alarm voice.
All the setting will take effect after 1 hour,within 1 hour,there are 5 seconds alarm voice while the beam sensors be triggered.
2.Keep the Transmitter aligned with the Receiver (if work normally,the indicator lights will blink and there are 6 “dididi” beep prompt) 3.Trigger the beam sensors by thick materials(block up 3 infrared beams) (if work normally,the receiver’s light will on;Notice,if the sensors are in on site alarm mode,the sensors will alarm by the speaker,if in mute mode,no alarm voice ) 4.connect the beams to the host(reference to the hosts’ manuals)
Garden Lights&Beam Sensors

Alarm and garden light

Garden light and alarm

1.Press the switch(below the LED light)3-10 times to turn on the sensors.
(if work normally,the indicator light will on and there are 3-6“di”beep prompt) 【Notice 】there are 2 switches below the LED light,one is useful,the other one is useless.please press the useful switch to turn on the can hear the beep while you press the useful one.
2.Keep the Transmitter aligned with the Receiver
(if work normally,the indicator lights will blink and there are 6“dididi”beep prompt)
You can find the location of the infrared beam by the marks or the indicator light

3.Trigger the beam sensors by thick materials(block up 3 infrared beams) (if work normally,the receiver’s light will on)
Cover all the solar panel of the LED light by thick materials,and the LED light on 4.connect the beams to the host(reference to the hosts’manuals)

Wireless alarm long range

Wireless alarm repeater

Total 2 buttons(Status Key and Erase Key)
Total 4 indicators(Run,RF,Learn,Erase)
How to connect detectors or remote controllers to the Repeater:

1. Power on,”Run”light on.
2. Press the Status Key 3 times,”Learn”light on(means the repeater is on learning mode)
3. Trigger the detector or remote controller,”Learn”blink once and a beep prompt. One Repeater can connect 50 pieces detectors or remote controllers,so please connect the other ones by the same way
4. Press “Status Key” once,Exit the learning mode,and”Learn”light off
5. If work normally,“RF”light will blink while you trigger the detectors or remote controllers. How to delete detectors of remote controllers

1. Power on,”Run”light on
2. Press the Status Key 3 times,”Learn”light on
3. Delete one detector(the recent one)–Press”Erase Key”once,and”Erase”light on 1 second.

Delete all the detectors–Press”Erase Key”3 seconds,”Erase”light on and a beep prompt. How to set the grade of the repeater: At present,the repeater has 4 grades,and the grade can be set by the DIP switch;(factory default is grade 1—the”1”switch is on the”ON”direction,the other switches are on the opposite direction;if you want to set the repeater to grade 2,make the”2”switch on the”ON”direction,and the other switches on the opposite direction;So on…)
【Notice 】Make sure the repeater is on Grade 1 when you connect the detectors to it.
Grade 1 Repeater only can forward the signal from the Detectors;Grade 2 Repeater only can forward the signal from Grade 1 Repeater;Grade 3 Repeater only can forward the signal from Grade 2 Repeater;Grade 4 Repeater only can forward the signal from Grade 3 Repeater;But Alarm host can receive the signal from all the repeaters and detectors.

Solar beams accessory

Solar beams adapter

Total 9 indicators,1 RUN light and 8 zone Lights.
How to connect the detectors
1. Open the enclosure of the adapter,and connect the power cables (If work normally,the Run light blink)
2. Set the DIP switch to connect the detectors;there are 8 DIP switches corresponding 8 zones; For example:connect the detectors to zone 1 Make the DIP switch 1 to ON direction,and the indicator of zone 1 light on,and”Run”light off.(means the Adapter is on learning mode) Trigger the detector,if“Run”blink,connect successfully(each zone can connect 6 pieces detectors at most). Make the DIP switch 1 to figure direction,and the indicator of zone 1 light off,and”Run”light on.(means the Adapter exit the learning mode)
3. If work normally,the light of zone 1 will on for 30 seconds while you trigger the detector(it means the output of zone 1 will keep 30 seconds)
4. Connect the detectors to other zones by the same way. How to delete the detectors

1. Power on the adapter,and“Run”light blink
2. Set the DIP switch to delete the detectors(for example:delete the detector of zone 1) Make the DIP switch 1 to ON direction,and the light of zone1 on,”Run”light off.

3.Delete all the detectors–Press”Delete Key”2 seconds,the light of zone 1 blink.
4.Delete detector of other zones by the same way.

Solar horn alert product

Solar Siren strobe

Total 4 buttons(On/Off Key;Learning Key;Delete Key;Choose Sound Key) How to connect detectors and remote controllers
1.Press the On/Off Key 3-10 times to turn on the siren. (if work normally, there are 3-6“di”beep prompt)
【Notice1 】if press the On/Off Key 3 times to turn on,the siren will alarm 5 seconds while sensors be triggered;if 4 times,the siren will alarm 15 seconds;if 5 times,the siren will alarm 30 seconds;if 6 times,the siren will alarm 60 seconds;if 7-10 times,no alarm voice.
【Notice2 】If there are 3”di~~”long beep prompt while you turn on the siren,it means the siren is
Low battery or the solar panel was covered by thick materials; All the setting will take effect after 1 hour,within 1 hour,the siren will alarm 5 seconds while sensors be triggered.
2. Press the”Learning Key”once,”Learning Key”light on and a beep prompt (means the siren is on Learning mode)
3. Trigger the sensor or press the arm key of remote controller,”Learning Key”light off and a beep prompt(connect successfully)
4. Connect other sensors or remote controllers by the same way

(press“Learning Key”once,trigger the sensor) How to delete sensors and remote controllers
1. Turn on the Siren.
2. Delete one sensor(the recent one)–Press”Delete Key”once,and”Delete Key”light on 1 second and a beep prompt. Delete all the sensors–Press”Delete Key”3 seconds,”Delete Key”light on and a long beep Prompt.

How to choose the alarm voice(total 2 sounds,one is doorbell,one is Alarm)

1. Turn on the siren

2. Press the”Choose Sound Key”once,the sound you heard is the one you choose.
【Notice 】The operations of Learning,Deleting,Choosing Sound must be operated within 1 hours
after turn on the siren.if after 1 hour,you should restart the siren to operate.

GSM and PSTN alarm system

Smart home alarm system

How to connect sensors 1.Press“SETUP”Key 2.Enter password“123456#” 3.Enter password“12*48#” 4.Enter zone number“000#—559#”(total 560 wireless zones) 5.Trigger the sensors
How to connect remote controllers 1.Press“SETUP”Key 2.Enter password“123456#” 3.Enter password“12*48#” 4.Enter zone number“10#—13#”(total 4 remote controller zones) 5.Press the arm key of the remote controller
How to set Phone Number —–total 3 modes:fixed phone mode;mobile phone mode and message mode Fixed Phone Mode: 1.connect the phone line the fixed phone mode(Setup—123456#—51#1#) 3.enter phone number(10#phone number#;can set total 4 phone numbers.the code is 10#—13#)
Mobile Phone Mode 1.insert the SIM card the mobile phone mode(Setup—123456#–52#1#) 3.enter phone number(10#phone number#;can set total 4 phone numbers.the code is 10#—13#)
Message Mode
1.insert the SIM card the message mode(Setup—123456#–53#1#)
3.enter message number(14#message number#;can set total 4 message numbers.the code is 14#—17#)

burglar alarm system program

LCD program alarm system

(HB-G250)with keyboard
How to connect sensors 1.Press“###” 2.Enter password“112233#” 3.Enter password“12*48#” 4.Enter zone number“000#—999#”(total 1000 wireless zones) 5.Trigger the sensors
How to connect remote controllers 1.Press“###” 2.Enter password“112233#” 3.Enter password“12*48#” 4.Enter zone number“10#—14#”(total 5 remote controller zones) 5.Press the arm key of the remote controller
How to set Phone Number 1.connect the phone line 2.Press”###” 3.Enter password”112233#” 3.enter phone number(10#phone number#;can set total 4 phone numbers.the code is
10#-11#:user’s number code
17#-18#:alarm center number code
4.enter”1#”,open the phone mode

Wireless LCD alarm receiver

LCD alarm wireless receiver

(HB-2020 series and HB-3030 series)
Total 4 buttons(up down left right) How to connect detectors
1. Long time press“UP”key,and power on
2. Press”Left”key to select zone number(total 100 wireless zones,the code is 00–99)
3. Press“UP”key once,a beep prompt
4. Trigger the sensors,if successful,2 beep prompt.
5. Press “Right”key to choose the
6. Press “Down”key to exit setting mode How to connect remote controllers

1.Long time press“Down”key,and power on
2.Press”Left”key to select zone number(total 4 wireless zones,the code is 00–03)
3.Press“UP”key once,a beep prompt
4.Press the arm key of the remote controller,if successful,2 beep prompt.
5.Press“Down”key to exit setting mode How to set phone number 1.connect the phone line and phone ,and then power on 2.long time press the phone set key 3 seconds,and release the phone set key while you heard a
beep prompt 3.handle the phone to set:
Enter password”000000”,a beep prompt
6 user numbers,the code is 11#—16#,for example 11#phone number#
2 alarm center numbers,the code is 17#—18#,for example 17#phone number#
4.enter”0#”to exit setting mode

Smoke Alarm types and connection

Smoke alarm is important component of fire alarm system. And it is part of home security systems.
The smoke detector alarm can be used with fire alarm system or burglar alarm system or independently sound and light alarm on-spot without connection with any alarm systems.
So, there are 4 types of wired smoke alarms. (same as heat detector, CO detector and compound detector). The connection way is different for different types smoke detector alarms.
Correct connection is required to ensure proper work of smoke alarm. Otherwise, danger will be heavier with non-work smoke detector alarm.
We need to buy correct type smoke detector to work with our exist alarm systems. And we need to wire the smoke alarm according to the detector’s manual and alarm receiver’s manual as well.
Below we will introduce these 4 types smoke alarm and connection ways (Smoke alarm type is HST brand as example. The HST brand smoke detector can be bought at Vedard Alarm Store)
Type 1: Independent Smoke Alarm.
The independent smoke detector alarm doesn’t need wire connection. It makes sound and light alert when smoke density reaches to alarm limit. The independent smoke alarm can be battery powered or AC powered with battery power backup.
Type 2: Bus type coded addressable smoke alarm
There are 4 terminals and only terminal 1 and 3 are non-polarity connected to 2-wire bus type fire alarm control panel L1 and L2.

Smoke Alarm non-polarity 2-wire connection

Non-polarity 2-wire Smoke alarm systems

2-wire bus type smoke alarm connection

wire 2-wire bus type smoke alarm

Type 3: Conventional Smoke Alarm
It is 2-wire and non-polarity connection with conventional fire alarm control panel zone+ and zone-. Multiple detectors terminal 2 and 3 are connected to zone- in series. The terminal 2 is connect with terminal 3 of next detector. This connection way will monitor the zone status and report detector error, detector missing to alarm panel. Current limiting EOL resistor is required to wire and the end of the circuit.
Conventional 2-wire Smoke Alarm System wiring

2-wire Smoke alarm wiring with Conventional Fire alarm panel

Type 4: Relay output smoke detector for connection with home alarm system.
It is 4-wire connection. There are 4 terminals on the detector. They are relay output com terminal, relay output NO/NC terminal (default NO), DC power- terminal and DC power+ terminal.
The DC power terminals are connected to AUX of alarm panel and relay outputs are connected to N/O or N/C terminal of the alarm panel. EOL resistor is required to connect to the end of the circuit as well. Please wire this type smoke alarm according to home security alarm panel requirement.
Below is example of home alarm system N/O and N/C wiring requirement.
Smoke detector wiring to N/O or N/C home alarm control panel zone

Home Security Alarm System N/O, N/C contact wiring with smoke detector

Connect 4-wire smoke detector to home security alarm panel

4-wire with relay output Smoke detector connecting with home security alarm panel

Above is example wiring of 4 types wire Smoke detector alarms. Many other brands smoke detector wiring is the same way. But wiring according to manufacturer’s manual is the correct way. For proper work of the smoke detector alarm, please remember to study the smoke detector carefully and install it correctly.

Question of Focus Security Alarm Systems

Focus Security Alarm Master controller FC-7664 is 16 hard wired zones and 4 partitions security service alarm systems.
It is LCD keypad programming and Telephone remote programming alarm systems.

wiring focus alarm control panel

16 zones wired alarm panel

Hereby we listed some Frequently Asked Questions for FC-7664.
Question 1 :The difference between the master and other 8 users?
Answer: The master can operate the panel with some basic setting. Can manage other users.(such as modify password and rights.
Question 2: on what condition can set free arm/disarm telephone numbers?
Answer: Only under use of FOCUS CMS.
Question 3: what is user code?
Answer: User code is unique number which CMS can identify the panels. Such as ID card, CMS will recall the corresponding information
(name, telephone number etc.) as soon as it receive a user code.
Question 4: what is the role of the remote programming phone? How to use?
Answer: When the user need to program, call to the panel, input Installer code and then hang up, then the panel call the fixed telephone
which one is the remote programming phone, the details please see “phone programming table”
Question 5: Would like to know related problems for voice phone setting?
Answer: The voice phone is that when alarm is triggered, the panel will call the Tel Number, the difference with CMS telephone is that the
former transmit voice message and user send operating information to the panel(such as arm etc.), the latter transmit data to CMS.
Question 6: What is delay setting?
Answer: Entry delay: the panel will alarm immediately when the zones are triggered, but in this mode, the panel will not alarm, then the user
can disarm the system in this period.
Exit delay: when armed, there is some time to prepare to leave, after this period, the panel entry arm mode, in this period the panel will not alarm when it is triggered.
Question 7: Why do you want to set the number of rings?
Answer: The panel will hang up as soon as it receive the number of rings. (in order to user can use the telephone normally)
Question 8: What is the role of force arm?
Answer: The user can force arm the system when a zone is trouble.
Question 9: Why need to register remote control ,detectors?
Answer: The user can operate the panel only after registering remote control (detectors)
Question 10: Where is expansion zone?
Answer: Including 1 .expanding keypad, mean that add the quantity of keypads as your requirement.2.expanding zone, refer to module user manual.
Question 11 :what is AREA? What is that for ?
Answer: It is divided into 4 AREAs, which can be operated individually (such as arm/disarm), 7664 has 4 AREAs, equal to 4 panels.
For example: AREA1,2, AREA 3,4, if zone 1,2 was triggered, zone1,2 will alarm, but others zone will not alarm.
Question 12: what is listen-in loop AREA?
Answer: if loop 4 assigned to AREA 2. Then only zone belongs to AREA 2 was triggered, listen-in loop 4 is enabled

Security Alarm Systems Technical Supports

KB-A1188 is LCD keypad programming Ademco Contact Security Alarm Control Panel. It has both wire telephone network and wireless GSM network for reliable alarm signal transmission.
KB-A1188 is designed for security service installing small business, store, shop security and protection. 6 wired zones and 6 wireless zones enable the easy installation of detectors.
KB-A1188 is sophistical designed with sound and light signal communication. Not only details of installing and programming the alarm system are written in our user’s manual, but also troubleshooting is written in the user’s manual.

alarm system master controller

Business Security Service alarm control panel

Here is the troubleshooting for KB-A1188 and many are suitable for general security alarm systems as well.
Trouble 1:
When it connects with AC, the running indicator of alarm panel isn’t bright.
Cause 1:
Check whether the plug is input in the socket.
Solution 1:
Input the plug in the socket.
Cause 2:
Check the problem of AC socket.
Solution 2:
Change the new socket.
Trouble 2:
When you press the key of remote controller, the indicator of remote controller doesn’t turn on or the distance of remote controller is too short.
The battery power of remote controller is not sufficient.
Change the battery of remote controller.
Trouble 3:
The indicator of a wired zone is often bright.
Cause 1:
Wiring of detector is wrong or the contact has problem.
Solution 1:
Check the wiring of detector is connected correctly. Check the terminal screw of wiring is tightened.
Cause 2:
When the triggering way of zone is set to be end-line resistor, the end-line resistor such as 2.2K or 4.7K should be connected.
Connect the end-line resistor as required to the zone ends.
Trouble 4:
The wireless zone reports that the battery power is low.
The battery power of detector is low.
Change the battery of the detector.
Trouble 5:
Wireless detector often alarms in mistake.
The installation position of the detector doesn’t up to the standard of installation.
Re-place the detector installation position.
Trouble 6:
When the alarm panel dials the alarm telephones, the alarm center failed communication.
The type of this alarm telephone wasn’t defined.
Program the alarm telephone type correctly.
Trouble 7:
When the telephone receives the alarm, you will hear a voice of disconnection between the alarm panel and the telephone.
The telephone which connected with the alarm panel turns on the anti-theft dialing function.
The anti-theft dialing function of telephone which is connected with the alarm panel should be closed.
Trouble 8:
When the alarm system is armed, the arm indicator is off and the alarm panel makes five sounds of “Di…Di…Di…Di…D”.
Cause 1:
One of the wired zone is in trouble.
Solution 1:
Check the wired zones.
Cause 2:
The user is not authorized to arm the alarm system.
Solution 2:
Authorize the user to arm the alarm system.
Trouble 9:
When arm is made successfully, the trouble zones bypass automatically.
The function of forced arm is open.
Close function of force arm.
Trouble 10:
3# and 4# remote controllers can’t be learned to arm/disarm and also hearing five sounds of “Di…Di…Di…Di…D”.
Arm/disarm operation of 3# and 4# remote controllers are not open.
Authorize arm type for 3# and 4# remote controllers.
Trouble 11:
Alarm phone is enrolled, but it doesn’t dial when alarm.
You didn’t input *4 at the end of the alarm phone when enroll the phone number to the alarm panel.
re-enroll the alarm phone number and add *4 at the end.
Trouble 12:
At disarm status, trigger the detector, the keypad buzzer sound for 2 seconds.
The triggered zone is 24 hours zone or doorbell zone.
Trouble 13:
Every 20 seconds, the keypad will sound for 1 second.
Cause 1:
Telephone line error
Solution 1:
Check and confirm the telephone line is connected well.
Cause 2:
Wireless detector battery power is low
Solution 2:
Check and replace wireless detector battery
Cause 3:
GSM module error
Solution 3:
Check GSM module antenna, SIM card connection with alarm panel.

Advanced Technology Burglar Alarm Systems

The advanced technology available today in security systems is truly amazing. Perimeter intrusion protection, motion detection, vibration sensors are some of the components built into burglar alarm systems.
Technology Burglar Alarm Systems adopts advanced computer technology, communication technology, mobile technology etc. and got rapid development.
Theft and burglar alarm systems are not only conspicuous deterrents, but can also trigger audio and / or silent alarms that communicate directly to Ademco central monitoring station.
The Solar-powered active wireless infrared detector is a new generation of perimeter intrusion detector, which is developed with nature solar photovoltaic cell technology and widely-applied FM & AM radio signal transmission technology. It adopts new technology FSK modulation, LiFePO4li-ion battery. These new technology largely increased the accurate and reliability of alarm system.

Theft & burglar alarm new technology

advanced technology theft burglar alarm

Video surveillance alarm is another update of security alarm systems. It is integration of alarm system with CCTV. This security system enables home or business monitored via desktop or mobile through internet. It can verify alarm activity and get burglary evidence.
Technology of detection and alarm communication

Security Alarm New Technology

Install wireless door magnetic alarm sensor for rolling door

Wireless door contact switch alarm systems

install rolling door wireless magnetic switch

There is specific door magnetic alarm sensor for rolling door of garage and shops. When the rolling door is opened at arm status, the wireless door magnetic contact switch will contact with burglar alarm system, active siren strobe and send alarm information to registered alarm phones, security service center.
There are two parts of the rolling door magnetic alarm sensor. One part is magnet. Another part is the reed switch connected with emitter by steel pipe.
door contact switch

Rolling door magnetic contact

The magnet part must be fixed on the ground beam of the rolling door. To ensure that the magnetic force of the magnet is not masked, please leave a gap between ground beam and magnet head and end.
The reed switch must be fixed just below the fixed magnet. It can be fixed on ground or in ground below the fixed magnet. The distance between the magnet and the reed switch must be less than 2cm when the rolling door is closed. Refer to fig.
wireless rolling door magnetic switch

rolling door magnetic switch contact

The wireless emitter must be fixed in the host communication distance. And it can not be fixed on the metal material. The steel pipe can be extended to meet the distance requirement.

As a conclusion, we would like to make a note for you.
1. Please leave a gap between magnet and ground beam of rolling door.
2. Please make sure the reed switch is fixed just below the magnet and the distance between each other is less than 2cm when rolling door is closed.
3. Please do not fix the wireless emitter on metal material.

Correct wiring Smoke Alarms for Fire Alarm systems

Smoke alarm fire detection alarm system

Smoke alarm and detector fault or missing alarm

Wiring Smoke Alarms correctly with conventional fire alarm control panel.
Some customer may ask “if I have 10 detectors at the same place can I connect them parallel? That means all detectors’ number 4 with zone + and all number 2 with zone -” That way seems more easy to wire.
Having the detectors wiring in series is for detecting fault or missing of some detector. When they are connected in series, it will report zone fault when some detector is missing or fault. So, the wiring way help to find and report detector error.
Wiring smoke alarms correctly is not just having the system work properly but also monitoring the system correction.
The fire alarm engineers should be experienced and had better ask suppliers any technical question before any change of installation.
Conventional Smoke Detector Fire alarms

Smoke Detector Conventional linkage and addressable linkage fire detection systems.

Project of Perimeter security

Perimeter Security Solution with wireless beams

New technology wireless beams sensor for perimeter security break in alert alarm and warning sounder.

Above is some project of perimeter security using solar-powered wireless infrared alarm beam sensor with wireless alarm receiver. It is ideal sensor kit for outdoor garden, driveway, fence, wall break in alert alarm guarding signal transmission.
It is more convenient for installation and maintenance. It is with features as below:
1.Can be used at rainy day and dark environment as well
The material of solar panel is Amorphous Silicon and can be charged by weakness light (UV rays). The static working current of this active beam is 0.5mA/h and 500mAh rechargeable battery inside enables it working for more than 15 days without any light. The solar panel can generate 2mA/h at rainy days and enable the detector working at rainy days and at dark environment.
2.Working Temperature Range: -40℃-+70℃
This detector can work at extreme weather condition such as heavy snow, rainy days cause of industry grade components are used and it is fully sealed.
3.Wireless transmission distance can reach to 1km
This detector is designed to anti interference and adopts FSK + FHSS signal transmission technology which enable long wireless transmission distance
4.Low false alarm rate
It adopts pulse technology and makes it stronger penetrability. So it can against interference caused by heavy rain or fog etc.
It adopts second modulation technology to avoid all kinds of light interference from strong sunlight etc.
It adopts pulse analysis technology and only after 4 continuous pulses are received, the detector will make alarm. It will report the invalid information to alarm host such as low battery, not aiming, bracket is moved etc.
5.Long life time and less maintenance
The detector has 8-10 years life time cause of IP66 waterproof and fully sealed design. And it adopts optical pulse technology to reduce the use time of the infrared luminosity.
It is lightning proof designed with fully-sealed case.

Solar Power Perimeter Security Alarm System Series

HB brand Solar Powered Wireless perimeter beams work at 433MHz frequency. But it can’t work with other brand 433MHz wireless alarm device directly.
These active infrared sensor beams adopt FSK and FHSS technology, it will send 3 signals to host with 3 different frequency points when it is triggered. The technology enhances its anti-interference ability and security reliability.
The wireless system communication between detectors and receiver adopts manufacturer’s protocol code modulation. So, the detectors are hardly matched up with other brand wireless alarm device.
But it is the ideal and advanced technology wireless alarm device for perimeter security.
Yes, there are wireless compatible kits wireless to wired alarm receiver and convertor, wireless convertor. It enables any wired zones input alarm host to receive solar powered beams alarm signal. Below we list the wireless compatible solar powered wireless security alarm systems.

advanced technology security device

perimeter theft deterrent equipment

Reliable Wireless Alarm System

How to enhance the accuracy and reliability of wireless alarm systems?
There are some technologies used for wireless alarm control panel and communication wireless alarm accessories such as detectors, key fob, keyboard, siren strobe.
1. Multiple code Wireless coding Technology
The multiple code wireless coding technology using scrolling code encryption technology and providing high security, minimum duplicability for codes transmission.
2. Two way communication
Two way communication between alarm host and detectors, alarm host and siren strobe, alarm host and keyboard, remotes.
Two way communication enables the alarm host to check status of the detectors and ensure the proper working status.
It enables the siren strobe to receive order of alarm panel or detectors wireless.
The technology enables alarm key fob or keyboard to check alarm panel status of arm, disarm, and receive real time alarm information at any place. So, two way communication technology greatly enhances the accuracy and reliability of the wireless alarm system.
3. Alarm Wireless forwarding function
If telephone line is disconnected, the host generates and alarm and forwards it to an adjacent host of the same type within 200m. After receiving the alarm information, the adjacent host dials or sends an alarm signal to alarm center. It is called neighbor replace dialing. The alarm information reported including user number, defense area number and defense area alarm situations of the forwarded alarm user etc.
4. Automatic Patrol Function
Patrol function of the front-end detector and the alarm host. The front end detectors sends a patrol code to the host regularly.
The host acceptance code confirms the status of detector to avoid its loss and remind the user of placing detector in position.

Smart Home & Secure Home

Smart and secure home

Smart home security remote monitor home security

Home Security is development of commercial security. But the technical operation usage seems not easy to be accepted by home users. So, there are home security service, alarm system installers doing the technical works.
Now, IT companies want to change it.
Advanced Mobile networks and IP multimedia application will change our living and home security. That is Smart home.
Smart home may have wireless, standard wireless communication protocol, intelligent, and shared products. Of course, the products will be easy to controlled and managed anywhere by mobile phone.
But is Smart Home the Secure Home?
Seems not! With Smart Home Device, burglar may easy to disarm the alarm system and enter your home. Even, they can open your door easy by hacking your system.
Maybe that is why Security enterprises and IT enterprises are working together for smart home and secure home.
Yes, we need smart and secure home.
In upcoming years, we will have new and more advanced smart and secure device for our home security. DIY home security is more easy and more popular.

Flammable gas alarm installation and inspection

Flammable gas alarm is used at home, hotel, restaurant and chemistry industry, factory etc. It consists of detector and gas density indicator. It monitors the leakage of flammable gas and show density of flammable gas.
When the flammable gas detector is installed, the monitored field is fixed.

Gas alarm with gas leakage detector and monitor

Detect and monitor gas leakage with gas alarm device

There are a few key notes to refer before installing.
1.Make sure the points of potential gas leakage and calculate leakage gas pressure, leakage volume at unit time and leakage direction. Mark A, B, C as leakage degree.
2.According to air flow at the spot, draw direction of leakage.
3. According to leakage gas density (heavier than air or lighter than air), and air flow trend, draw the 3D leakage flow drawing.
4. Set monitor point under the flow point made at leakage flow drawing.
5. We need to guess the leakage state whether it is slight leakage or spraying leakage. If it is slight leakage, we need to install the detector near it. Otherwise, we can install the detector a little far away.
6. It is suggested to have detector every 10-20m.
7. For spot with hydrogen leakage, we need to install detector over the leakage point.
Regular inspection is required for the flammable gas alarm device.

emergency gas controller










Solenoid valve is a popular security kit to shut off the gas immediately. (less than 1 second). Below we will show how to install and operate the solenoid valve for home security and small business security such as hotel, restaurant.

Operation illustration:

  1. The solenoid valve is at open state normally. There are two ways to close the valve and shut off the gas source. one way is providing DC pulse current (DC9V-12V) to close the valve. The valve will be closed in 1 second. That is the way we used to quickly shut off  leaked gas source. Another way is opening the protective cover and manually press down the red handle to close the valve. It keeps close state.
  2. How to open the solenoid valve? There is only one way to open the solenoid valve. Opening the protective cover and pulling up the red handle to open the valve. If it is hard to pull up the valve, then please take measures to balance the inlet and outlet pressure of the valve at both ends. Then reopen the valve after balancing the valve. Avoid barbaric operation to damage the valve actuators.
  3.  Valve at open state: The valve may automatically close subjected to harmful strong vibration caused it is designed according to magnetic lock principle. But if the opening valve self-locking force is too small, then maintenance is needed.
  4. If the solenoid valve is emergency closed, then the gas leakage or other  hidden accident dangers should be eliminated before open the valve.

install solenoid valve

Installation illustration:

1. The solenoid valve should be installed by professional personal according to gas pipeline construction regulation.

2. The valve should be installed following the indoor air inlet valve for easy maintenance. Refer to picture above. 

3. The solenoid valve should be installed in the direction of airflow marked. The body coil shall not be inverted. Both horizontal and vertical installation is allowed. 

4. The control line of the solenoid valve should be connected correctly and reliably. The control line has the polarity: the white line is the positive pole, the black line is negative, and reverse connection is not allowed.

5. Please remove the solenoid valve when cleaning the gas pipeline to avoid valve seal material damaged by sundries.

6. The solenoid valve should be opened when the gas pipeline is under seal performance test.

7. Manually open the valve when pressure is balance between inlet and outlet of the valve.

8. Do not wrong connect the control line including wrong polar, wrong voltage, and long time powered. 

Wiring requirement:
Wiring: 2*0.75mm²   Double core retaining wire, terminal pressing method connection.
Control distance: It adopts capacity discharge driving mode and control wiring should be less than 50m.
Maintenance of the solenoid valve:
It requires regular maintenance.

China Public Security Exhibition 2015 in Shenzhen

2015 China Security Exhibition

2015 China Security Exhibition for burglar alarm, fire alarm, surveillance, smart home.

The 15th China Public Security exhibition(CPSE) will be hold at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center, during 29th Oct. to 1st Nov. The Gold Tripod Award Ceremony, the Global Security Grand Ceremony and the 13th China Public Security Forum will be hosted as current events.

China Public Security Exhibition in Shenzhen is approved by Ministry of Commerce, PRC and Shenzhen Municipal Government. Besides, as a great event of safety and security, CPSE gained a plenty of support and assistance. It is organized by CPSE Exhibition Co., LTD, and co-organized by Shenzhen Security & Protection Industry Association, and CPS Media Group. During the expo, delegates and presidents of different public security association, intelligent transportation system association, safety industry association and other relate institutions from 53 countries and regions will come and visit. Also, more than 10 provinces and cities’ industry associations and government institutions will attend CPSE.

Shenzhen, the city of security, has become to the wind arrow of global security industry. It is the headstream of Chinese security industry. After more than 30 years of development, this city has developed into the security manufacture center, purchase transaction center and industry information center. In addition, CPSE was found in this beautiful city. This year, CPSE will show its high quality to the world. The exhibition scope includes Video Surveillance, Intelligent Building, One Card Solution, Security Components, Antiburglar alarm, Fire Fighting Equipment, IP Network Integration, Police Equipment, Biometrics Anti-counterfeiting technology, Intelligent Transportation, Video Conferencing and Public Broadcasting. It occupies 110,000 m2 and has 11 halls, more than 6000 booths. The expo will have 130,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions. CPSE not only show the strength of China public security industry to the world, but also present the development achievements. CPSE, as one of the biggest security industry expos, it tries to bring more opportunities to the industry, and tries to help the industry to get better growth.

Program Alarm System and understand the terms

There are some programming terms such as delay entry time and delay leaving time, bypass zone, at home arm

Program Alarm System

Program Alarm System for Smarter Home Security with by pass zone, delay arm, medical call zone

etc. The professional designed alarm system will have these functions for installer to program alarm system.
But most people maybe not clear of the meaning and ignore them. If you understand the terms well and set as what you need, the alarm system will be much more convenient and secured.
So, no matter professional security service or DIY security alarm installer, understanding the alarm system programming terms is important and essential.
1. What is entry time & leaving time?
Entry time: It is alarm delay time. Arm the system, and when it is triggered, it will send information out after the entry time set. That would enable people to disarm when miss trigger occurred.
Leaving time: It is arm delay time. Arm the systems, and it will start to arm after leaving time set. That will enable people to leave home after house is armed.

2. What is at home arm/disarm and away home arm/disarm
At home arm/disarm: You can set some defense zones into one group, and use remote controller to arm/disarm with one click to set all. For example, you can set 1st floor, outdoor detectors armed but 2nd floor disarmed when you are at home.
Away home arm/disarm: You can set some defense zones into one group and use remote controller to arm/disarm with one click to set all. For example, you can set all floors armed when you are away home.

3. What is defense zones attribution?
The zones attribution include:
1. zone disabled. The control panel will not accept any information from this zone.
2. Burglar zones. The zones will be arm/disarmed etc. controlled via master control panel. Alert information will be burglar alarm.
3. Medical help: The zones will not be arm/disarmed controlled via panel but 24 hours armed. Alarm information sent will be medical help alert.
4. Fire alarm zone: The zones will not be arm/disarm controlled via panel but 24 hours armed. Information sent will be fire alarm.
5. Emergency zones: The zones will not be arm/disarm controlled via alarm panel but 24 hours armed. Information sent will be emergency alarm.
6. Gas leakage zones: The zones will not be arm/disarm controlled via panel but 24 hours armed. Alert information sent will be gas leakage alarm.
7. Door bell zones: The zones will not be arm/disarmed controlled via panel. But only door bell sound will be sent on-site. It will not dial out.
8. By pass zones: The zones are in non working status and not be controlled by alarm panel. When the detector is fault, or the protected area is temporarily not need to be protected, the zone can be set as by pass zone.

4. Telephone attribution:
Telephone attribution include:
1. Telephone disabled. The system will not dial this telephone when alarm.
2. Voice format: Voice information will be sent when alarm.
3. CID format: CID information will be sent when alarm.
4. Arm Center: Only dial when system is armed.
5. Disarm Center: Only dial when system is disarmed.
6. Low power: Only dial when panel is with low power or AC power off.

5. Setting dialing times:
It is to set the maximum times of dialing when alarm information is not dealt with.
If the user answered the call and disarmed the system, it will not dial any other telephones.
If the user answered the call and did not disarm the system but other operation, it will not dial this telephone but dial other telephones.

6. Setting ringing times of remote controlling:
You can set the ringing times to accept remote controlling such as arm/disarm, listening etc. via telephone or mobile.

7. Breaking into alert function:
Breaking into alert means when telephone line is occupied by telephone extension, the system will break into dial alarm and recover then.

8. Smart defense zones:
It is set to avoid false alarms. When the zones is set as smart zones, the system will not send alert immediately, but wait till other status occurs in preset time.

Test Method and Notes for the Solar Powered Wireless Beams


Security Service New technology alarm detection

Solar perimeter beams for security service.

. Test Method
To test the quality of wireless solar powered alarm wireless beams, we should test 4 parts of the system. They are battery, infrared distance, wireless signal transmitting distance and solar panel charging capability at cloudy and rainy days.
A. Test of battery
The rate voltage of the battery is 4.2V. If the solar powered wireless beam works at illumination under 1600Lx for continual days and the battery voltage is down to 3.8V, the product will activate battery protection system. It will protect the battery from overusing and the solar powered beams don’t work now.
After the battery is recharged to 4.1V, it restart to work. At normal working environment, the battery starts to recharge when voltage is 3.9V and without low voltage protection.
Test 1:
Working time without sunlight
The solar powered beams can work for 20 days without sunlight.
Put the beams with battery installed at place whithout illumination such as drawer, box, then trigger it. The day before receiver terminal indicator doesn’t light on is the last working day.
Test 2:
Battery recharging time
At normal sunlight environment, the battery recharging time is 1 day. (from low voltage to full voltage)
Put the beam with battery installed at place full of sunlight, take down the battery and test its voltage after 1 day.
B. Test of infrared distance
The infrared distance of wireless solar powered beams is 100m
Install the batteries in beams, aiming and then enroll it to alarm panel. Take the transmitter and receiver beams to 100m distance, aiming again, receiver terminal indicator flash slow then flash fast and then light off. Trigger the beams, the alarm panel send out alarm signal.
C. Test of wireless transmitting distance
The distance between wireless beams and alarm panel is 100m (can reach to 1 km with high power)
Put the alarm panel at a place, enroll the wireless beams to the panel, put the beams at another place which is 100m from the panel, trigger the beams, the panel will alarm.

Repeat to trigger the beams to test the stability.

D. Test of solar panel charging capability at bad days
Amorphous silicon solar panel is used for the beams. It enables the beams to be recharged at cloudy and rainy days.
At cloudy or rainy day, put the beam outdoor without battery installed. Place the solar panel towards outside. The beam indicator red LED will keep flashing. That means the solar panel is charging.
The solar panel works via absorbing UV light and can work at illumination level is over 1700Lx. The illumination can reach to 2500-2700Lx with sun light and reach to 2000Lx without sun light.

Notes of using the solar powered wireless beams
1. Trigger way
Only all beams are blocked, the product will trigger alarm. To avoid false alarm by animals and falling down things, the product is designed with required blocking speed. A thicker object such as a book is required for test. Not too fast speed is required to test. Please make sure the receiver indicator lights on when it is triggered. When the product is triggered, the receiver terminal indicator will light on, then light off. Only after it lights off, it will be on work status again for next time trigger. If the indicator is lighting on and now trigger it again, it will not send alarm signal.
2. Aiming
If transmitter terminal and receiver terminal are not aimed, the indicator of receiver will keep lighting on. When they are aimed, the receiver terminal indicator will flash slow, then fast and lights off at last. Now, it is at work status.
3. Alarm Panel
Antenna of the alarm panel should be pulled out totally to ensure the receiving distance.
Remember to enroll the test beams to the alarm panel and arm the panel before test.
Avoid to test and use the wireless alarm products at places which is with high magnetism, high voltage equipment or metal objects.

Home Alarm Security Service Development and the importance

Home Alarm Security Service includes security service training, security alarm equipment installation and security monitoring etc.
It plays important role and grows along with home security technology and the industry development.

Home security service began by establishing security monitor center with security alarm equipment. It will grow quickly along with development of security alarm industry and broad application of Video monitor and TCP/IP fast network replacing PSTN network. Technology improvement of computer, smartphone, tablet etc. will help to promote home security alarm device and the service with function of home monitor, house appliance controlling and integration with smart home systems.

Service industry is trending integration. Home security service will be able to deal with business of community management as well. It is possible to foresee that it can deal with more intelligent service business in the near future. Some companies which providing communication service are trying to enter into this area as well.

Security alarm installation service is very important for correct choosing and installation of alarm systems and teaching users to operate it properly. Even DIY home security is popular nowadays with humanize alarm products. But high rate false alarm is existing due to wrong operating and incorrect products’ choosing, sensitivity adjustment etc. It requires professional installation and correct selection of alarm products to ensure the system working reliably and accurately.

On the other hand, the development of home security alarm service helps promotion of the alarm security equipment innovation and improvement of the industry.

There are still many factors hinder the development of the security alarm service in many countries. In some countries, there is license or certificate for security alarm installers. But in many other countries, like in China, there is still no business management policy for home alarm security service. The alarm installers help installation for friends or acquaintances only. Home owners know little about Security alarm systems yet and not know how to install it even there is user’s manual. Anyway, home alarm system is somewhat technical things.
So, home security service training and government management for the industry is important. And home security service is still with large market for growth.

Security service development and importance

Security service development and advanced technology wireless burglar alarm systems.

Additional wireless detectors to existing alarm system

Hardwired detectors’ usage is with cons of complicated installation and distance limitation. So, wireless alarm system is more and more popular nowadays.

Wireless detectors is more convenient for updates of existing burglar alarm and fire alarm systems. It enables it easy for the existing alarm system to add any quantity detector and change detection area, repair detection line error etc.
Of course we need a converter which will convert the wireless alarm signal to wired output and link to existing alarm panel.

For example, wireless smoke detector, wireless smoke and heat detector, wireless gas sensor can be easy to add to existing fire alarm system.
The wireless fire detectors can be added to existing burglar and Fire home security alarm panel which has the wired zones port with N/C or N/O circuit. The wireless fire detectors can be added to conventional fire alarm panel as well.

Add wireless detectors such as pir or named motion sensor, outdoor active infrared detector, door contact, smoke detector, heat detector, CO detector, Gas sensor etc. at any place you want.  Then install the wireless to wired converter at place where within the distance required.  For example, the wireless detector transmitting distance is 200m, and converter receiving distance is 150m, then the distance between converter and detector should be within 150m.  
And please make sure wireless detectors can work with the converter with same wireless coding way.  Generally, manufacturers have their own wireless coding technology for their own wireless products. So, it is important to make sure of it. 

add wireless sensors with converter

Wireless sensors with converter, Additional defense area for alarm system

Improvement of Detector Installation

The technology of Detectors is improved. Not only sensing technology, but also installation technology.

The sensor part of Motion Detector is improved from single infrared sensor to double infrared sensor, microwave technology and infrared double technology, Ultrasonic wave technology etc.

The detector installation technology is improved for easier and fast installation as well.  It used bracket separated design. And standard 86 type bottom box installation design is available for some hardwired detectors.

The improvement of detector installation design enables fast installation for project security such as building security, hotel security and residential security. The bracket can be installed in building at construction period. The detector can be installed after finishing. That will keep the detectors without damage from construction.   China Alarm System expert.

Detector Technology New alarm system

Intrusion Detection Burglar Alarm Security Systems

DIY Alarm or Professional installed Alarm

DIY Alarm or Professional installed Alarm for your home and business security? Maybe it is the question when you start consider protecting your property and families by alarm systems.

It depends on your housing features and your security requirement.  If your housing is open with many entrances and you want to protect outside property such as vehicle etc. you need security service with professional installation.

The installation will include perimeter protection and using more complicated outdoor detectors.

Otherwise, your housing is relatively closed and indoor secure ways are enough. Then DIY alarm is OK.

DIY alarm installers always choose wireless detectors and wireless siren with LCD, Keypad alarm panel. We suggest installing alarm panel at hidden place such as niche and have wireless keypad at hand for alarm information query and emergency alarm trigger.

Security Service installers can choose hardwired or bus zones available and wireless alarm systems. They will install perimeter protection beams, double technology detectors at problem places where are with more interference.


Vedard Alarm

China Alarm System Consultant for Alarm Installation, DIY alarm and professional installed alarm

Wireless coding Alarm Security Technology

Compared with wired alarm system, wireless alarm system is with advantages of easy installation and long range transmitting.
But vulnerable wireless communication (easy to interfere and copy by professional equipment) is what people worried.
Thanks to technology development, it enables wireless alarm system as reliable as hard wired alarm system.
The transmission codes used multiple coding and scrolling coding technology. It used 2^44 code combinations in total with Scrolling code encryption technology to ensure high security of code transmission.
Thus Wireless Alarm System is as secure and reliable as hard wire alarm system and more easy for installation.

Wireless Coding Alarm Systems

Secure Wireless Coding Alarm System For Reliable Home Safety

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